From 1D to 2D: Array conversion tricks in JavaScript

Overview In JavaScript, we often need to convert a one-dimensional array to a two-dimensional array. This kind of operation is very common in fields such as data processing and visualization. This article will introduce two methods of converting a one-dimensional array into a two-dimensional array, hoping to help readers better understand this process. Method 1: […]

Log slimming show operation: from 5G optimization to 1G!

Click above to follow “Terminal R&D Department“ Set it as a “star” to master more database knowledge with you Article source: Directory background Diary Slimming Methodology Optimization case Summarize Background In daily development, usually for the convenience of debugging and troubleshooting, a lot of INFO level logs are printed. As the number of visits […]

UE5.1.1C++ starts from 0 (10. Homework 3)

The amount of homework this time may be a bit larger than the previous ones. Let me sort out the homework list for this time: The flying sound of magic bullets and the sound of explosion Adds a shiny effect to the player when hit, the same kind as the cube Add a health max […]

A complete collection of Dubbo network communication protocols from shallow to deep

Table of Contents 1 Network communication protocol 1.1 dubbo protocol 1.2 rmi agreement 1.3 hessian protocol 1.4 http protocol 1.5 webservice protocol 1.6 thrift protocol 1.7 rest protocol 1.8 grpc protocol 1.9 memcached protocol 1.10 redis protocol 2 Serialization implementation analysis 1 Network communication protocol In the previous content, we explained the relevant content of […]

Python programming realizes the shortest distance from point to point, point to line, point to rectangle, and point to any polygon

1. Distance from point to point First of all, the simplest is the distance between two points, just use the distance formula directly import math import matplotlib.pyplot as plt def point_to_point(x1, y1, x2, y2): lineMagnitude = math.sqrt(math.pow((x2 – x1), 2) + math.pow((y2 – y1), 2)) return lineMagnitude 2. Distance from point to line segment The […]

Compile, install and run Primihub from source code under Centos8

References PrimiHub local compilation starts How to install Bazel on CentOS 8 Linux or Redhat 8/7 Compile and start steps Due to historical reasons, the server is the Centos8 operating system, so the source code compilation is abnormally troublesome. It is hereby recorded as follows. Using the source code compilation method can deeply understand the […]

Prompt Engineering | Text conversion prompt

LLM is very good at converting input into different formats, such as multilingual text translation, spelling and grammar correction, tone adjustment, format conversion, etc. Article directory 1. Text translation 1.1, Chinese to Spanish 1.2. Language recognition 1.3. Multilingual translation 1.4. Translation + formal tone 1.4. Universal translator 2. Adjust tone/style 3. Format conversion 4. Correct […]

Prompt Engineering | Text summary prompt

Text summary is to extract key information from a large paragraph of text and make a summary. LLM has demonstrated a strong level of text summarization. Article directory 1. Example of a single text summary prompt 1.1. Limit the output text length 1.2. Focus on key angles 1.3. Key information extraction 2. Multiple text summary […]

Implement a database (DataBase) Go language implementation version from scratch 7. Free list: reuse pages

English source address Since our B-tree is immutable, each update to the kv store will create new nodes on the path instead of updating the current nodes, making some nodes inaccessible from the latest version. We need to reuse these from the old version Inaccessible nodes, otherwise, the database file will grow infinitely. Design Free […]