An Implementation of Asynchronous Delay Queue

1. Application scenarios At present, there are many functions in the system that require delayed processing: payment timeout cancellation, queuing timeout, delayed sending of SMS, WeChat and other reminders, token refresh, membership card expiration, etc. Through delayed processing, system resources are greatly saved, and there is no need to poll the database for processing tasks. […]

Handle exceptions asynchronously in Spring/Springboot

Currently, the client rest application returns a ResponseEntity (an Http response wrapper consisting of status, headers and body) whenever a special case occurs. For example, a customer cannot be found when requesting details. @GetMapping(“{customerId}”) public ResponseEntity<Customer> findCustomers( @PathVariable(“customerId”) Long id) { return customerRepo .findById(id) .map(ResponseEntity::ok) .orElse(new ResponseEntity(“Customer ” + id + ” not found” ,HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND)); […]

Rust asynchronous programming uses join! and select! to run multiple Futures at the same time

When only one Future is executed, .await? can be used directly inside the asynchronous function async fn or the asynchronous code block async {}, when When multiple Futures need to be executed concurrently, using .await directly will block the concurrent tasks until the specific ?Future? is completed (serial execution). The futures? package provides many practical […]

Asynchronous Programming in Rust: Exploring the futures library (futures-rs)

In the process of learning Rust asynchronous programming, whether active or passive, you will come into contact with many scenarios of using the futures library. To learn Rust asynchronous programming in depth, you need to explore the whole picture of futures in general, so as to better grasp Rust asynchronous programming. futures-rs is a class […]

Java network programming – asynchronous channels and asynchronous operation results

Starting from JDK7, the AsynchronousSockerChannel class and the AsynchronousServerSocketChannel class representing asynchronous channels have been introduced. The functions of these two classes are the same as those of the SocketChannel class and ServerSockelChannel is similar, the difference is that some methods of asynchronous channels always use non-blocking mode, and their non-blocking methods will immediately return […]

Tear code – asynchronous FIFO

Hand tear code – asynchronous FIFO 1. Asynchronous FIFO principle and design Read and write address pointer control Reading and writing address pointer cross-clock processing and full and empty signal judgment Read and write addresses and read and write operations 2. Complete code and simulation files 3. Simulation results 1. Asynchronous FIFO principle and design […]

[Use AI to systematize knowledge] Unlock a new world of asynchronous programming!

Article directory I. Preface Introduction Application of Asynchrony in Computer Programming II. Synchronous and asynchronous Definition and Difference Disadvantages of synchronous programming III. Asynchronous programming definition Application Scenario Callback Promise object async/await keyword event loop IV. Asynchronous programming example Using asynchronous programming in Node.js Asynchronous HTTP request implementation Asynchronous file operations V. Advantages of Asynchronous […]

The Thirty-seventh chapter of Spring’s Road to God: @EnableAsync & @Async implements method asynchronous invocation

1. Content of this article Explain @EnableAsync & amp; @Async in detail, mainly in the following points. Action Usage Get asynchronous execution results Customize the thread pool for asynchronous execution Custom exception handling Thread isolation Source code & amp; principle 2. Function The asynchronous invocation of the bean method is implemented in the spring container. […]

When Python meets asynchronous programming: realize efficient and fast program operation!

Foreword The concept of synchronous/asynchronous: Synchronization refers to the logic of completing a transaction. Execute the first transaction first. If it is blocked, it will wait until the transaction is completed, and then execute the second transaction in order. Asynchronous is the opposite of synchronous. Asynchronous means that after processing and calling this transaction, it […]

Use these 4 tricks to elegantly implement data transfer between Spring Boot asynchronous threads

Original snail programmer snail g 2023-02-18 12:03 Published in Jiangsu Click on “Programmer Snail g” above and select “Set as Star” Together with Brother Snail, make a little progress every day programmer snail g A programmer from a big factory, together with the snail, make a little progress every day 8 original content No public […]