New understanding of multi-threading, asynchronous programming, concurrent reading and writing

Hello everyone, I am the Great Sage, long time no see. In our last discussion, we took an in-depth look at the three core concepts of concurrency, parallelism, and high concurrency, which all play a key role in our modern computing environments, allowing the system to serve a large number of requests more efficiently. In […]

Stop using Future, CompletableFuture asynchronous multi-threading is really elegant!

The path to growth as a programmer Internet/Programmer/Technology/Data Sharing focus on This article should take approximately 13 minutes to read. From: Backend Metaverse An example reviewing Future In some business scenarios, we need to use multi-threads to execute tasks asynchronously to speed up task execution. JDK5 adds a new Future interface, which is used to […]

[Java Project Recommendation: Dark Horse Headlines] Asynchronous uploading and delisting of self-media articles (implemented using Kafka middleware)

The function of uploading and delisting self-media articles is completed Requirements analysis Process description Interface definition Description Interface path /api/v1/news/down_or_up Request method POST Parameters DTO Response Result ResponseResult DTO @Data public class WmNewsDto {<!– –> private Integer id; /** * Whether to put on the shelves 0 off the shelves 1 on the shelves */ […]

Python Asynchronous Programming: Improving Performance with Asynchronous Programming

Python is an interpreted programming language with easy-to-use syntax and powerful library support. However, Python’s performance may be limited when processing large amounts of data or using network services. To improve performance, Python introduced an asynchronous programming model. In this article, we will discuss what asynchronous programming is, the asynchronous programming model in Python and […]

CompletableFuture asynchronous orchestration

Table of Contents CompletableFuture’s detailed explanation Code Test Introduction of configuration classes Demo1 Demo2 The difference between the async suffix function of CompletableFuture and the function without async The difference between ThreadPoolTaskExecutor and ThreadPoolExecutor Use of Spring thread pool The reason why business uses multi-threading Scene 1: Scene 2: FutureTask introduction Why does the thread […]

92. Redis ——- Methods and steps for using Lettuce to operate Redis database and demonstrations of three styles of operating Redis database (synchronous sync, asynchronous async, reactive Reactive)

lettuce: English meaning: lettuce It is a framework for operating redis. Springboot also supports lettuce by default. You can also change it to jedis. Jedis is also a framework used to operate redis Lettuce’s core API RedisURI: used to encapsulate the URI information of the Redis server. RedisClient: Represents the Redis client. If you connect […]

JUC-04 (Four functional expressions, chain programming, flow computing, lambda expressions, asynchronous callbacks)

Brief description of the four major functions (abbreviated using lambda expressions): java.util.function, Java’s four built-in core functional interfaces, can use lambda expressions Consumer interface has one input parameter and no return value public static void main(String[] args) { // Consumer<String> consumer=new Consumer<String>(){ // @Override // public void accept(String s){ // // } // }; // […]

Implementation of AsyncTaskFuture asynchronous multi-task processor

Requirement background An import function of the project, but it needs to call other domains remotely. At first, the java loop call timed out. Consider using asynchronous multi-threading to call the middle platform in batches and multi-threads, and call the middle platform’slogic in batches After the end, the subsequent logic of the main thread can […]

8 ways to achieve asynchronous implementation

public class AsyncThread extends Thread {<!– –> @Override public void run() {<!– –> System.out.println(“Current thread name:” + Thread.currentThread().getName() + ” Send email success!”); } public static void main(String[] args) {<!– –> AsyncThread asyncThread = new AsyncThread();; } } private ExecutorService executorService = Executors.newCachedThreadPool(); public void fun() {<!– –> executorService.submit(new Runnable() {<!– –> @Override public […]