STM32 ~ The differences and implementation principles between different GPIO modes

The full name of GPIO is General Purpose Input Output, which is general-purpose input/output. In fact, the essence of GPIO is a pin of the chip. Usually all I/O in ARM are common. However, since each development board will be designed with different peripheral circuits, the functions of the GPIO may be different. Most GPIOs […]

python-network request module one

urllib module Understanding urllib The urllib library is Python’s built-in HTTP request library. The upper-layer interface provided by the urllib module makes accessing data on www and ftp just like accessing local files. There are the following modules: urllib.request request module urllib.error exception handling module urllib.parse url parsing module urllib.robotparser robots.txt parsing module Details of […]

TCP/IP – Network layer

Network layer Network layer Function: 1. Globally locate a certain device (IP address) ⒉. Routing Unable to realize: 1. Error correction (correction of errors) ⒉. Unable to distinguish between different applications of a device ip message header Chinese IP header minimum 20 bytes version:ipv4/ipv6 Header Length: header length; DS filed: Differentiated services, defining message priority […]

Conversion between strings (char*, const char*, char[], string, QString, QByteArray, int, double)

Table of Contents 1. Several methods to apply for space: 1. C language 2.C++ 2. Conversion of each string 1. char* and unsigned char*, char* and const char*, char* and char[ ] 2. string and char*, string and unsigned char*, string and QString, string and int, double 3. QString and int, double, QString and char* […]

Network design for network engineering data communication training (HCIA comprehensive experiment: communication between company intranet, external network, and personal network)

Experimental environment requirements: Huawei ensp, virtualbox are as follows: Experimental topology: Terminal naming method: Routers are devices that start with R, and switches are devices that start with S. For example: The corresponding name of AR1 is: R1 The corresponding name of LSW2 is: S2 I. Exchange part 1.S1, R1 interconnection link set up LACP […]

Discussion on network architecture and technology in financial industry

Table of Contents 1. Overall structure 2. Data center 3. First-level branches 4. Secondary branches 5. Branch 6. Technical discussion 1. Overall structure The whole structure is a data center – first-level branches – second-level branches – sub-branches. Topology: Core needs and solutions that need to be considered: High availability: Dual centers, dual devices, link […]

Neural Network 06 (Optimization Method)

1. Optimization method After the network is built and the loss function is designed, the parameters (weights, offsets) are updated according to the loss function. The parameter update process is a neural network optimization process. 2. Gradient descent method Simply put, the gradient descent method is a method of finding a way to minimize the […]

[CNN vs traditional neural network]

Article directory 1. Overview of Neural Networks Traditional multi-layer neural network convolutional neural network 2. Core structure of CNN a. Convolutional Layer b. Pooling Layer c. Fully Connected Layer 3. How to calculate convolution 3.1. Convolutional Kernel 3.2. Calculation process of convolution operation Step 1: Sliding of convolution kernel Step 2: Element-wise multiplication Step 3: […]

Android network technology

Usage of WebView: We don’t need to set too many properties here: WebView is used to display web pages Display web content: Developers can use WebView to load and display web pages, allowing users to browse website content within the app without leaving the app. Embed third-party content: WebView is also used to embed third-party […]