[08.QT network communication multithreading]

QT network communication multi-thread QThread thread creation method the code QThread thread creation method 1. Write a class that inherits the QThread class, rewrite the run() function, and generate an instance of ChildThread in the main thread, and call the start() function of the object Every time you create a new thread, you need to […]

Linux: PXE efficient batch network installation

1. PXE Overview 1. The role of PXE A pre-boot execution environment, which runs before the operating system. 2. Advantages of PXE batch deployment (1) Scale: assemble multiple servers at the same time; (2) Automation: install the system and configure various services; (3) Remote implementation: no CD, U disk and other installation media are required. […]

[Network programming] Protocol customization + Json serialization and deserialization

Directory 1. The concept of serialization and deserialization 2. Design a network calculator with a custom protocol 2.1 TCP protocol, how to ensure that the receiver has received the complete message? 2.2 Implementation of custom protocol 2.3 Implementation of custom protocol in client and server 3. Use Json for serialization and deserialization 3.1 Installation of […]

Python calculates the distance between two points by latitude and longitude

Python calculates the distance between two points by latitude and longitude There are generally two methods for calculating the distance between two points by latitude and longitude, geodesic distance (assuming the earth is an ellipsoid) and great circle distance (assuming the earth is a sphere). The latter is slightly lower in accuracy than the former, […]

Campus Network Security Design–Core Layer

Campus Network Security Design – Core Layer Local defense against attacks Local attack defense is an important function set of the switch, which can protect the CPU, solve the problem of service interruption caused by the CPU processing a large number of packets normally sent to the CPU or malicious attack packets, and ensure that […]

tun/tap network device for network virtualization

As one of the underlying infrastructures of the edge virtual machine, the importance of the network is self-evident. It is responsible for the north-south and east-west traffic connectivity functions of the virtual machine instance, and the tun/tap device is the qemu that connects the internal and external networks of the vm. important virtual devices. This […]

What is the difference between Collections.emptyMap() and new HashMap? Table comparison + source code

Small thoughts: Recently, my mood is more complicated, ε=(′ο`*))), probably the time has come, coupled with the uncertainty of the future, the state has not been good; Seeing that many bigwigs have found summer internships, I am still here. First, I feel that the atmosphere is not bad (except for the Internet environment, there is […]