UnityVR–Component 4–Ray/Raycast/Linecast/OverlapSphere

Directory Introduction to Ray/Raycast/Linecast//OverlapSphere Ray class Physics.Raycast method Application 1: Realize mouse click to emit rays and detect objects Application 2: Implement mouse click and drag objects Physics.Linecast and Physics.OverlapSphere Application 3: Trigger attack when entering range Introduction to Ray/Raycast/Linecast//OverlapSphere Ray (Ray class) is an infinitely long line emitted from a point in one direction […]

Example explanation of the line parameters (argc, argv) of the main function

Directory foreword 1. Problem description 2. The meaning of line parameters 3. Topic application 1. Code (focus on Chinese comments) 2. Execute the test Foreword When doing the problem set–plurality of CS50 Week3, I encountered two line parameters (int argc, string argv[]) in the main function, which caused the code to be unclear at once. […]

Use go language to build blockchain Part3. Persistence and command line interface

English source address Introduction So far, we have built a blockchain with a proof-of-work system, which makes mining possible. Our implementation is getting closer to a fully functional blockchain. But it still lacks some important functionality. Today we will start storing the blockchain in a database, after which we will implement a simple command line […]

pytorch house price prediction (linear regression)

Article directory I. Introduction 2. Implementation method 1. Foreword Task objective: predict the final transaction price of the house based on the relevant data of the house attributes in csv Dataset: “Residential Attribute Dataset”, taken from https://download.csdn.net/download/weixin_43721000/87785277 Explanation of dataset fields: There are field details in this file↓ 2. Implementation method # export package import […]

Example explanation of redis using pipeline mode to write performance tuning under Java Springboot

Instance of redis write pipeline mode performance tuning under Springboot 1. Real scene In the process of producing real projects, it is necessary to write the data of the database to redis synchronously, and encounter the bottleneck of writing to redis during this process. Every time the project is started, the database data must be […]

Python programming realizes the shortest distance from point to point, point to line, point to rectangle, and point to any polygon

1. Distance from point to point First of all, the simplest is the distance between two points, just use the distance formula directly import math import matplotlib.pyplot as plt def point_to_point(x1, y1, x2, y2): lineMagnitude = math.sqrt(math.pow((x2 – x1), 2) + math.pow((y2 – y1), 2)) return lineMagnitude 2. Distance from point to line segment The […]

Python statistics 13 – regression multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation test

In basic statistics, or econometrics, it is necessary to perform some tests that violate the classical assumptions on regression problems, such as multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, and autocorrelation tests. These tests are very simple with stata, r, and Eviews, but many people can’t use python. Let’s take you to practice a full version of a regression case […]