Simple application of C# NamedPipe pipeline

Used for data exchange between two processes on the same computer 1. Declare the pipeline identification name serverName, and the server and client are created based on this 2. Create a server NamedPipeServerStream to obtain the reading data stream (StreamReader) and writing data stream (StreamWriter); then wait for the client to connect serverStream_m.WaitForConnection(); after the […]

WIndows’ CMD\PowerShell command line startup program runs a nohup command similar to Linux system in the background.

There is no command similar to nohup under windows, but you can use other commands to achieve this function. 1. Explanation of commands used: 1. Start-Process: Start one or more processes on the local computer. Related introduction links: Start-Process (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) | Microsoft Learn? Mainly used parameters 1.1, -WindowStyle Specifies the state of the window used […]

Linear regression predicts Boston housing prices & the reason for loss is NAN & draws a scatter plot to find the relationship between features and labels

Boston house price csv file Link: Extraction code: vufb Code %matplotlib inline import random import torch import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import pandas as pd import torch Get the data set from CSV # Load data, the first line is a useless line, skip it directly boston = pd.read_csv(‘../data/boston_house_prices.csv’,skiprows=[0]) # There […]

jsp+servlet online ordering system (front desk, backend) based on javaweb+mysql (java+jsp+servlet+mysql+dbutil+tomcat)

jsp + servlet online ordering system (front desk, backend) based on javaweb + mysql (java + jsp + servlet + mysql + dbutil + tomcat) Private message Source code acquisition and debugging communication Operating environment Java≥8, MySQL≥5.7, Tomcat≥8 development tools eclipse/idea/myeclipse/sts, etc. can be configured to run Be applicable Course design, major assignments, graduation projects, […]

Designing IIR digital filter using bilinear transformation method

1. Experimental purpose 1. Be familiar with the principles and methods of designing IIR digital filters using bilinear transformation method. 2. Master the computer simulation method of digital filters. 3. Obtain perceptual knowledge of digital filtering by observing the filtering effect on actual electrocardiogram signals. 2. Experimental content 1. Use bilinear transformation method to design […]

Git command line usage guide

Git command line usage guide Part One: Configuring Git 1.1 Set user information 1.2 Configure line break processing Part 2: Create and configure the warehouse 2.1 Initialize the warehouse 2.2 Clone the repository 2.3 Recursive cloning 2.4 Deep cloning Part 3: Basic Operations 3.1 Add files 3.2 Commit changes 3.3 View status and submission history […]

Flink SQL –Command line usage (02)

1. Window function: 1. Create table: — Create kafka table CREATE TABLE bid ( bidtime TIMESTAMP(3), price DECIMAL(10, 2) , item STRING, WATERMARK FOR bidtime AS bidtime ) WITH ( ‘connector’ = ‘kafka’, ‘topic’ = ‘bid’, — the topic of the data ‘properties.bootstrap.servers’ = ‘master:9092,node1:9092,node2:9092’, — broker list ‘’ = ‘testGroup’, — consumer group ‘scan.startup.mode’ […]

C# Onnx LSTR Transformer-based end-to-end real-time lane line detection

Table of Contents Effect Model information project code download Effect End-to-end real-time lane line detection Model information lstr_360x640.onnx Inputs ———————– name: input_rgb tensor: Float[1, 3, 360, 640] name: input_mask tensor: Float[1, 1, 360, 640] ————————————————– ————- Outputs ———————– name:pred_logits tensor:Float[1, 7, 2] name:pred_curves tensor:Float[1, 7, 8] name:foo_out_1 tensor:Float[1, 7, 2] name:foo_out_2 tensor:Float[1, 7, 8] name:weights […]

Online novels | Implementing novel online reading network based on SpringBoot+Vue

About the author: Java, front-end, and Python have been developed for many years, and have worked as engineers, project managers, and architects. Main contents: Java project development, Python project development, university data and AI project development, microcontroller project design, interview technology compilation, latest technology sharing Collect, like and avoid getting lost. It’s good to follow […]