jsp+servlet simple message board based on javaweb+mysql (java+jsp+servlet+javabean+mysql+tomcat)

jsp + servlet simple message board based on javaweb + mysql (java + jsp + servlet + javabean + mysql + tomcat) Private message Source code acquisition and debugging communication Operating environment Java≥8, MySQL≥5.7, Tomcat≥8 development tools eclipse/idea/myeclipse/sts, etc. can be configured to run Be applicable Course design, major assignments, graduation projects, project exercises, learning […]

μC/OS-II—Message mailbox management 1 (os_mbox.c)

Directory Message mailbox creation Message mailbox deletion Waiting for a message in your mailbox Send a message to email Message mailbox creation OS_EVENT *OSMboxCreate (void *pmsg) {<!– –> OS_EVENT *pevent; #if OS_CRITICAL_METHOD == 3u /* Allocate storage for CPU status register */ OS_CPU_SR cpu_sr = 0u; #endif #ifdef OS_SAFETY_CRITICAL_IEC61508 \t if (OSSafetyCriticalStartFlag == OS_TRUE) {<!– […]

Jmeter multi-user token usage problem

Focus on sharing useful software testing content, welcome to like Collect ?Leave a message Please correct me if there are any errors! Communication and discussion: Join 1,000 people in the software testing technology learning and exchange group Resource sharing: After joining ByteDance, I realized how important this information given by my senior brother is! The […]

Springboot java introduces Mqtt to receive and send messages under the framework of the front and back separation version

This is just one of them, and it is a superficial method of receiving and sending messages. The synchronization mechanism needs to be communicated and confirmed with colleagues engaged in the Internet of Things to see if it can be implemented. Or if there are many devices, the synchronization mechanism will not be used. First, […]

Java–Date string usage

Operation string dates, etc. 1. String concatenation public class Test { public static void main1(String[] args) { String str1 = “hello,”; String str2 = “my name is Tom!”; String str3 = str1 + str2; System.out.println(str3); } //The running results are as follows: // hello, my name is Tom! public static void main2(String[] args) { System.out.println(10 […]

[STM32] Several message reception filtering modes for STM32 CANFD peripherals

In Controller Area Network (CAN) systems, correctly configuring message filters is critical to effectively manage network communications. Especially when using the Flexible Data-rate Controller Area Network (FDCAN), choosing the appropriate filter type can greatly improve network efficiency and message processing speed. The CAN peripheral of the STM32G47x chip has the following reception message filtering methods: […]

The usage process of nanny-level vue-pdf

The first step is to introduce vue-pdf npm install –save vue-pdf The second step is to proceed slowly according to the needs 01. Give you the url of a pdf file, which needs to be rendered on the page Code <template> <div> <pdf ref=”pdf” :src=”url”> </pdf> </div> </template> <script> import pdf from ‘vue-pdf’ export default […]

◢Django self-written paging and usage

Table of Contents 1. Set the paging style and display it to the browser 2. Simulate page number 3. Generate paging 4. Data display 5. Previous pageNext page 6. Database data paging 7. Package paging 8. Use encapsulated paging After building the app, set the path path(‘in2/’, views.in2), view def in2(request): , HTML: in2.html 1. […]

Git command line usage guide

Git command line usage guide Part One: Configuring Git 1.1 Set user information 1.2 Configure line break processing Part 2: Create and configure the warehouse 2.1 Initialize the warehouse 2.2 Clone the repository 2.3 Recursive cloning 2.4 Deep cloning Part 3: Basic Operations 3.1 Add files 3.2 Commit changes 3.3 View status and submission history […]

Why use virtual environment in python? (Virtual environment function and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration. Official venv usage (**)

Detailed graphic and text explanation of python’s virtual environment (virtual environment functions and virtual environment construction, switching, exit, migration and packaging) code demonstration https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_45440484/article/details/130144943 http://www.360doc.com/content/23/0828/21/1339386_1094251670.shtml Why use a virtual environment? First, a virtual environment helps keep your projects clean and separate. You don’t have to worry about one project’s dependencies breaking another, which makes project […]