ADO interface _RecordsetPtr pointer

Original reference: ADO interface_RecordsetPtr-CSDN blog _RecordsetPtr smart pointer, which is a pointer specially set up for operating the database through the recordset. Through this interface, various operations can be performed on the records, fields, etc. in the database table. To be clear: the database and the ADO record set are two different concepts, two storage […]

jsp+servlet hospital appointment registration system based on javaweb+mysql (java+jdbc+jsp+mysql+ajax)

jsp + servlet hospital appointment registration system based on javaweb + mysql (java + jdbc + jsp + mysql + ajax) Private message Source code acquisition and debugging communication Operating environment Java≥8, MySQL≥5.7, Tomcat≥8 development tools eclipse/idea/myeclipse/sts, etc. can be configured to run Be applicable Course design, major assignments, graduation projects, project exercises, learning demonstrations, […]

PCL extracts point cloud boundary contour-AC method, plane contour

1. Overview PCL point cloud boundary feature detection (with complete code C++)_pcl calculates point cloud feature values_McQueen_LT’s blog-CSDN blog In terms of point cloud boundary feature detection (grid model boundary feature detection is already a deterministic problem, see grid model boundary detection), there is a method in PCL for point cloud boundaries that can be […]

MySQL constraints & special queries

MySQL Constraints & Special Queries Article directory MySQL Constraints & Special Queries 1. Database constraints 1.1 Constraint types 1.2 NULL constraints 1.3 NUIQUE: unique constraint 1.4 DEFAULT: Default value constraints 1.5 PRIMARY KEY: Primary key constraints 1.6 FOREIGN KEY: foreign key constraints 1.7 CHECK constraints 2. Relationship between tables 2.1 One-on-one 2.2 One-to-many 2.3 Many-to-many […]

[Data processing] python Matplotlib partially enlarges the figure; marks the local enlarged subfigure of interest

Foreword In data visualization, it is often necessary to partially enlarge the data in a certain interval to obtain a higher contrast visualization effect. The following uses the Matplotlib library of the Python language to implement a simple partial magnification effect. Dependent libraries matplotlib: plotting library numpy: an extended library that supports a large number […]

OpenWRT builds a personal web site and combines intranet penetration to achieve remote access to the public network

Article directory Preface 1. Check uhttpd installation 2. Deploy the web site 3. Install cpolar intranet penetration 4. Configure remote access address 5. Configure fixed remote address Foreword uhttpd is a web server written from scratch by OpenWrt/LuCI developers. It aims to become an excellent, stable, lightweight task HTTP server suitable for embedded devices, and […]

3Spring Boot 3 integrates mybatis-plus+druid+mysql

Directory 【3】Spring Boot 3 integrated components: Druid + Mybatis Plus + Mysql integration solution 1. Hikari + jdbc + mysql integration solution increase dependency Add configuration Spring Testng test cases 2. Druid + Mybatis Plus + Mysql integration solution 2.1 Configure Druid Add dependencies Configuration Start Spring Boot Web Starter Spring Testng test cases 2.2 […]