[High-intensity focused ultrasound simulator] Simulate high-intensity focused ultrasound beams and heating effects in layered media (Matlab code)…

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For cooperation on MATLAB projects, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization content, click Intelligent optimization algorithm […]

Get the solar calendar date based on the lunar calendar date and convert it into a zodiac sign

package com.zsp.quartz.util; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Calendar; import java.util.Date; //Calendar conversion tools: lunar and solar calendar date exchange (lunar calendar date range 19000101~20491229) public class DateUtils { // Calculate the lunar date from 1900 to 2049 private final static int[] LUNAR_INFO = { 0x04bd8, 0x04ae0, 0x0a570, 0x054d5, 0x0d260, 0x0d950, 0x16554, 0x056a0, 0x09ad0, 0x055d2, 0x04ae0, 0x0a5b6, 0x0a4d0, […]

3. stm32–External interrupt (EXIT)

Table of Contents 1. Interrupt the system a brief introdction Implementation process Summary of interrupt types in stm32 2. NVIC NVIC interrupt priority 3. Introduction to EXIT Basic structure of EXIT Basic block diagram of EXIT Basic functions of EXIT NVIC basic functions 4. External interrupt configuration steps 5. Code implementation of rotary encoder Rotary […]

MTK Android12 silent installation interface

This document provides a broadcast receiver on the android12 system. The app sends a broadcast and brings in the apk address to install it. 1. Broadcast registration frameworks\base\services\core\java\com\android\server\policy\PhoneWindowManager.java Dependencies to be imported first import android.app.PendingIntent; import android.content.IntentSender; import android.content.pm.PackageInstaller; import android.content.pm.PackageManager; // import android.os.RemoteException; import android.content.ComponentName; import android.util.Log; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.IOException; import […]

Artificial intelligence retardation buys two-color balls (no lottery results)

This article uses multi-variable input and multi-variable output LSTM to predict the numbers of the double-color ball. The prediction is the number of the double-color ball on October 28, 2023. Let’s look forward to the lottery draw tomorrow. The following is the implementation code of artificial intelligence First of all, we need to crawl the […]

shell script without interaction

Table of Contents here document no interaction tee command Interactive assignment variable parameter passing Assign the entire value to the variable Interactive insertion process Remove the TAB key at the beginning of each line Multi-line comments expect no interaction expect format terminator set command defines variables exp_continue send_user Practice changing passwords without interaction embedded execution […]

7 Best Python Libraries for Artificial Intelligence Development

[Introduction]Python is the first choice for developing artificial intelligence projects. This programming language provides optimal security, performance, and scalability needed to develop advanced artificial intelligence projects. Numpy NumPy(Numerical Python) is an extension library for Python, and most AI developers consider NumPy to be the best Python library for developing a range of solutions. Developing AI […]

stm32 serial port sends data packets for analysis to achieve human-computer interaction

Serial port sending and receiving parsing data packets Students who have studied stm32 know that it is very convenient to use the serial port to communicate with 32. In the official process of punctual atoms, we can see that in the serial port interrupt service function, a sixteen-bit data is used for the received data. […]

FPGA design timing constraints 3. Set clock groups set_clock_groups

Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Relationship between clocks 2.1 Clock relationship classification 2.2 View clock relationship 3. Asynchronous clock group 3.1 Priority 3.2 Use format 3.3 asynchronous and exclusive 3.4 Example of results 4. Reference materials 1. Background The timing analysis tool in Vivado will analyze all clock-related timing paths in the design by […]

Springboot integrated permission management framework apache shiro

1. Explanation of terms There are a lot of them online 2. pom dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-spring</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shiro</groupId> <artifactId>shiro-ehcache</artifactId> <version>1.2.2</version> </dependency> encache is optional and is mainly used for caching during authentication. 3. shiroConfiguration The configuration of shiro is mainly the settings of shiroFilter and securityManager @Component public class ShiroConfiguration { <br> […]