10 | Why is it not easy to use the String of “panacea oil”?

Why does the String type have a large memory overhead? We saved the information of 100 million pictures, using about 6.4GB of memory, and a record of picture ID and picture storage object ID used an average of 64 bytes. But the problem is that the records of a set of picture IDs and their […]

Braft Editor backfill issue, misplaced mouse

After backfilling, enter 1234 and it becomes 4321 react HOOK # install with npm npm install craft-editor –save # install using yarn yarn add craft-editor import React from ‘react’; import BraftEditor from ‘braft-editor’; import ‘braft-editor/dist/index.css’; { const [contentData, setContentData] = useState<string>(null); const handleChange = (editorState: { isEmpty: () => any; toHTML: () => React. SetStateAction<string>; […]

Centos 7-aarch64 how to replace yum source

1. Enter yum.repo.d [root@linux ~]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ [root@linux yum.repos.d]# 2. Backup the original yum source [root@linux yum.repos.d]# mkdir yum_back [root@linux yum.repos.d]# mv CentOS-* yum_back/ [root@linux yum.repos.d]# ls yum_back 3. Replace yum source with Ali source [root@linux yum.repos.d]# cat CentOS-Base.repo # CentOS-Base.repo # # The mirror system uses the connecting IP address of the client and […]

STM8 analog iic interface debugging temperature and humidity sensor SHT3x driver

Background The project actually uses SHT3x for temperature and humidity measurement, the main control chip uses STM8S003F3P6, and uses the hardware connection of the analog IIC interface. Schematic As shown in the figure below, use STM8S003F3P6 pins PB4/PB5 for SHT3x data interface SHT3x-DIS is Sensirion’s new generation temperature and humidity sensor with accuracy of ±2%RH […]

Use go language to build blockchain Part3. Persistence and command line interface

English source address Introduction So far, we have built a blockchain with a proof-of-work system, which makes mining possible. Our implementation is getting closer to a fully functional blockchain. But it still lacks some important functionality. Today we will start storing the blockchain in a database, after which we will implement a simple command line […]

Surface layer check graph self-intersection method C#

Method 1: processing based on arcgis engine, because AE-based topology inspection rules only have line self-intersection inspection, so the processing logic here is to traverse the surface elements, and then channel the inner and outer rings of each surface element, and then independently construct line elements, using To check the topology, the code is as […]

After the Dataway integrated swagger interface is updated, it cannot be updated on the swagger web side

Use version hasor-spring: 4.2.5 hasor-dataway: 4.2.5 springboot 2.5.0 swagger:springfox-boot-starter 3.0.0 Description of the problem After Dataway configures swagger, the interface document will always display the content published by the Dataway interface for the first time. After modification and re-release, it cannot be updated to the latest record. Issue Tracking The interaction between Dataway and swagger […]

How to use Facebook embedded video player API in vue3

The Facebook Embedded Video Player API is a client-side functionality provided by the Facebook SDK for JavaScript. You can play Facebook videos on your own website. Get started Introduce the Facebook SDK first <script async defer src=”//i2.wp.com/connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js”></script> Encapsulated into component FacebookPlayer <script setup> import {<!– –> onMounted, onBeforeUnmount } from “vue”; const props = defineProps({<!– […]

Basic use of unittest automated testing framework for python interface automated testing

Directory A brief introduction to unittest unittest basic use unittest.Testcase setUp tearDown setUpClass tearDownClass test case unittest. main() Various assertion methods provided by unitteest unittest test case skip execution There are four ways to write skip execution test cases self. skipTest(reason) Points to note about skipping test cases A brief introduction to unittest unit testing […]

The pitfalls and solutions encountered in calling the Https interface

Directory The process of stepping on the pit background premise Start troubleshooting in conclusion About the interface of the Https protocol Java implements the method of calling Https interface 1. RestTemplate skips validation 2. Verification method 3. Forest framework call interface reference documents The process of stepping on the pit Background Now there is an […]