Thoughts on java thread pool ThreadPoolExecutor monitoring and dynamic parameter adjustment

Table of Contents For thread pool parameters For task submission strategy Respond quickly to user requests The default strategy of java ThreadPoolExecutor is as follows The tomcat ThreadPoolExecutor strategy is as follows Process batch tasks quickly Thread pool monitoring Dynamic adjustment of thread pool parameters Java thread pool implementation principle and its practice in […]

Compilation Principle Experiment 1–Design of Lexical Analyzer

Foreword Compilation principles are an important professional course for computer majors, especially computer software majors. The purpose of setting up this course is to systematically teach students the general principles, basic design methods, and main implementation technical methods of programming language compiler construction, so that students can systematically and effectively understand compilers and the construction […]

Examples of using Java NIO for file operations, network communications and multiplexing

Java NIO (New Input/Output) is a new I/O operation method provided by Java. Compared with the traditional Java I/O API, it can handle a large number of concurrent connections more efficiently. This article will introduce in detail the core components of Java NIO, including Channel, Buffer and Selector, as well as other auxiliary classes and […]

28. Advanced IO and multiplexing options

Article directory 1. Five IO models (1) Blocking IO: (2) Non-blocking IO: (3) Signal driver IO: (4) IO multiplexing: (5) Asynchronous IO: 2. Important concepts of advanced IO (1) Synchronous communication vs asynchronous communication (synchronous communication/ asynchronous communication) (2) Blocking vs non-blocking (3) Other advanced IO (4) Non-blocking IO 1.fcntl 2. Implement the function SetNoBlock […]

For the nearest point pair problem on the plane, the points in X are sorted by the abscissa, and the points in Y are sorted by the ordinate, removing the time complexity of recursive implementation Θ(log?).

First implement the Point class to store the coordinate data of each point. class Point {<!– –> double x, y; public Point(double x, double y) {<!– –> this.x = x; this.y = y; } } Implement the distance calculation method between two points distance(p1, p2), which is used to calculate the distance between two points. […]

Everything in Python is an object: Explore the freedom and flexibility of programming

In the world of Python, we can see Python everywhere, whether it is enterprise applications, data analysis, artificial intelligence, web development, or automated scripts. Not only is it easy to learn, it’s also powerful. Today, let’s dive into an important feature of Python-everything is an object. Python is an object-oriented language, which means that in […]

Explore complex time zones in java

Explore complex time zones in java Some common time (time zone) concepts GMT Also known as Greenwich Mean Time or Greenwich Mean Time, the old translation is Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is a time calculation based on the rotation and revolution of the Earth. It refers to the standard time at the Royal Greenwich Observatory […]