Two production forms of rootfs

1. Overview of root file system 1.1. Why do we need a root file system? (1) The application of the init process is on the root file system (2) The root directory of the kernel/provided by the root file system (3) The application layer configuration (etc directory) after the kernel is started is on the […]

Scrapy framework collects top data of Amazon products

Scrapy’s crawlSpider crawler 1. What is crawlSpider? crawlSpider is a derived class of Scrapy. The design principle of the Spider class is to only crawl the webpages in the start_url list, and the crawlSpider class defines some rules (rules) to provide a convenient mechanism for following up links. Get the link from the crawled web […]

(Article reproduction) A preliminary study on the calculation method of carbon emission flow in power system (including matlab code)

References: Zhou Tianrui, Kang Chongqing, Xu Qianyao, Chen Qixin. Preliminary Study on the Calculation Method of Carbon Emission Flow in Power System [J]. Automation of Electric Power System, 2012,36(11):44-49. The dual carbon target is still very popular in the power system field recently It’s hot, and the calculation of carbon emission flow is also a […]

Batch collection [product details + keyword search] API interface series

Batch collection [product details + keyword search] API interface series codes are as follows: item_get – get item details Public parameters: name type required description key String Yes Call key (must be spliced in the URL in GET mode) API interface request method td> secret String is call key api_name String is API interface name […]

Code encapsulation of Lazada product details interface (item_get-get product details based on ID)

item_get – interface to get product details based on ID By encapsulating this interface through code, you can get product title, product price, product promotion information, product discount price, product inventory, sku attribute, product image, desc image, desc description, sku image, sku description, product specification, product sales, product The parameters on the page such as […]

16 Best Practices in SpringBoot Production

1. Use a custom BOM to maintain third-party dependencies 2. Use automatic configuration 3. Use Spring Initializr to start a new Spring Boot project 4. Consider creating your own auto-configurations for common organizational issues 5. Correctly design the code directory structure 6. Keep @Controller simple and focused 7. Build @Service around business functions 8. Make […]

16 Best Practices in SpringBoot Production

Click above to follow “Terminal R&D Department“ Set it as a “star” to master more database knowledge with you This practice is based on my experience in actual projects. The Spring Boot project itself uses and integrates a large number of open source projects, which help us maintain these third-party dependencies. But there are also […]

Weblogic vulnerability reproduction

Weblogic Vulnerability Reappearance Article directory Weblogic vulnerability reproduction WebLogic XMLDecoder Deserialization Vulnerability (CVE-2017-3506) principle Affected version recurrent Weblogic < 10.3.6 'wls-wsat' XMLDecoder deserialization vulnerability principle Affected version recurrent WebLogic XMLDecoder deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2017-3506) Principle It was revealed on the Internet that the WLS component of weblogic has an xmldecoder deserialization vulnerability, and the xml data […]