A brief discussion on using FlinkKafkaProducer to implement Exactly Once semantics on the sink side

Abstract In some important flink data processing scenarios, it is necessary to implement Exactly Once data processing. Exactly Once means that when flink processes data, it can ensure that data is not lost and data is not repeated. The entire flink processing link is roughly divided into three links: Source -> Transform -> Sink. Selecting […]

2-5 (outside the article) word vector Word2Vec code practical article

Table of Contents 1 Statement: 2 Code link: 3 Reference links: 4 practical steps: 4.1 Data selection: 4.2 Data preprocessing and word segmentation: 4.2.1 Data preprocessing: 4.2.2 Why word segmentation? 4.2.3 Participles: 4.3 Model training: 4.4 Visualization: 4.4.1 PCA dimensionality reduction: 4.4.2 Draw a starry sky map: 4.5 Analogical relationship experiment: 1 claim: This course […]

Graduation project source code of agricultural and sideline products logistics information system based on springboot

Blogger introduction: Focus on VUE, small programs, Android, Java, python, and Internet of Things. He has 16 years of development experience. He has been engaged in graduation guidance and practical projects for many years. It is very important to choose a suitable graduation project topic. ?Follow?Private message me?with specific questions and I will try my […]

[Server-side performance test] Performance test implementation process!

Performance testing uses automated testing tools to simulate a variety of normal, peak, and abnormal load conditions to test various performance indicators of the system. My definition of performance testing clearly describes the methods and processes of performance testing: Performance testing aims at system performance indicators, establishes performance testing models, formulates performance testing plans, develops […]

DOM node operations & M-side events

1. What is a DOM node? 1.1. DOM node: Each content in the DOM tree is called a node. 1.2. Classification of DOM nodes : Element node such as div tag Attribute node such as class attribute Text node For example, the text in the label ? 2. Find nodes Any node in the DOM […]

[Resolved] RuntimeError: CUDA error: device-side assert triggeredCUDA kernel errors might be asynchronous

Problem description The specific error message is ./aten/src/ATen/native/cuda/Loss.cu:240: nll_loss_forward_reduce_cuda_kernel_2d: block: [0,0,0], thread: [0,0,0] Assertion `t >= 0 & amp; & amp ; t < n_classes` failed. ../aten/src/ATen/native/cuda/Loss.cu:240: nll_loss_forward_reduce_cuda_kernel_2d: block: [0,0,0], thread: [1,0,0] Assertion `t >= 0 & amp; & amp; t < n_classes` failed. ../aten/src/ATen/native/cuda/Loss.cu:240: nll_loss_forward_reduce_cuda_kernel_2d: block: [0,0,0], thread: [2,0,0] Assertion `t >= 0 & […]