Git-Distributed version control system

Note: Workspace: files in local directories (except hidden directories .git) Repository: the hidden directory .git, including the temporary storage area, the first branch master, and the pointer HEA pointing to the master Common git commands Right mouse button, select GitBash git config –glabal “wcc” %Specify the user name for the warehouse% git config –glabal […]

Java project: tea traceability system (java+SSM+JSP+bootstrap+layUI+mysql)

Source code acquisition: download from the blog homepage “resources”! Project Introduction The tea traceability system is divided into foreground and background. Ordinary users can check the sales history of tea through the 18-digit code at the front desk. The background is divided into two roles, administrator and dealer; The main functions of the administrator include: […]

Linux system shell script to install MYSQL with one click

This article uses the configuration source to install MYSQL, the configuration source address is, you can download the version you need by yourself, my installation environment: debian10 1. Configuration source installation MYSQL process This part is manual installation. If you need shell script to install automatically, you can skip this part and go directly […]

System integration router OSPF dynamic and comprehensive routing configuration

Experimental tasks: Contents and characteristics of dynamic routing protocols RIP and OSPF For dynamic routing RIP and OSPF experiments, establish a topology pc1>>R1>>R2>>R3>>pc2, so that pc1 and pc2 can communicate with each other, and configure the silent interface on the PC side. Familiar with configuring inter-vlan routing technology: multilayer switch virtual interface SVI and single-arm […]

A variety of tools work together to create a CentOS-based image containing the latest version of sysstat

Sysstat is deployed on the server, and system monitoring records can be kept through sar. It is not very convenient to download data from the server for analysis elsewhere, so consider building a convenient Docker image to assist in the work. sysstat: 1. Bing AI creates Dockerfile Let AI help write Dockerfile directly The […]

Cat and dog classification system based on pytorch

This article participates in the new star project artificial intelligence (Pytorch) track: Written in the foreword: This article is a nanny-level classification tutorial, which aims to enable students with zero foundation to master the basic elements, general templates and module implementation of a classification system. A very detailed comment has been made in the […]

Java project: food forum system (java+SSM+JSP+jQuery+LayUI+mysql)

Source code acquisition: Download from the blog home page “Resources”! Project Introduction The project is mainly divided into foreground and background; The main functions of the front desk include: Login, registration; home page, my posts, opinions and suggestions; forum list, post viewing, posting and replying, etc.; After ordinary users log in, the main functions are: […]

Use py and flask to browse the server system directory, and log files can be displayed on the web page in real time

I hope to see the log in color, and I hope to see it from the browser instead of connecting to the machine. Browse the folders of the system, scan + the hierarchical name of the system folder as url routing, you can deeply see the folders at any level on the machine, and realize […]