PingCAP Huang Dongxu: Serverless is the future form of database

Author: Community Assistant Original source: Thirty years ago, to write code, programmers had to use complex assembly language. But today, few programmers know how to use assembly language, and simpler high-level languages such as C++, C#, JAVA, Rust, and Go have become the mainstream of development. As the technology wave changes, each generation of […]

Say goodbye to overlapping labels! The ggrepel package makes graphics more beautiful!

[Speaking Genes in Brief] Elegantly avoid overlapping text or labels on graphics, you can use the ggrepel package. Displaying text on graphics, or labels (which differ from text in that they have a matrix border around the text) are common needs. When drawing with ggplot2, there is a default geometric object geom_text to add text […]

The road to developing a big front end: learn a little MongoDB (1)

Basic knowledge of MongoDB MongoDB is a non-relational database. Compared with traditional relational databases, its data structure is more flexible, more scalable, supports more data types and data operations, and also has better performance and scalability. sex. Understanding the basics of MongoDB can help us better design and optimize data models, improve application performance and […]

C language to implement minesweeping (expand, mark, revoke, judge victory, etc., with source code)

Table of Contents 1. Game ideas 2. Implementation steps 1. Build menu 2. Defining the Minesweeper Zone 3. Board initialization 4. Checkerboard printing 5. Thunder 6. Find Thunder 7. Determine the number of mines around the selected coordinates and expand the mines 8. Mark Ray, Undo Ray 9. Determine win conditions 3. Source code 1.test.c […]

STM32 port multiplexing (mapping) & interrupt

STM32 port multiplexing (mapping) & amp; interrupt Article directory STM32 port multiplexing (mapping) & amp; interrupt 1 Port multiplexing and remapping 1.1 What is port multiplexing and remapping 1.2 Enable port multiplexing 1.3 Port multiplexing 1.4 Summary: Two, interruption 2.1 Concept of Interrupt Priority Management 2.2 Code part 2.2.1 Set group 2.2.2 Setting Preemption and […]

Camera driver Huaping, split screen, stuck screen, black screen problem analysis

1. Preview blurry screen, split screen, and stuck screen 1. Phenomena Split Screen Huaping Open the smart object recognition app, the bottom sensor output defaults to 1632×1224 (200w) sensor output, which will cause problems such as blurred screen and split screen. But when choosing full-size 3264×2448 (800w) output, there will be no such problem. After […]

Python photo image editing tool – flip, rotate, brightness, skinning, cropping, adding text

Python photo image editing tool – flip, rotate, brightness, skin, crop, add text If you need to install the operating environment or remote debugging, see the personal QQ business card at the bottom of the article, and professional and technical personnel will assist remotely! Foreword This blog writes code for , the code is neat, […]