Operate Redis in SpringBoot to parse JsonArray data into object List (ruoyi dictionary value sys_dict as an example)

Scene If you follow the front-end and back-end separation version to teach you how to build the environment locally and run the project: Ruoyi separates the front and back ends to teach you how to build the environment locally and run the project_How to run the project with the front and back ends separated_Overbearing rogue […]

Implement a database (DataBase) Go language implementation version from scratch 7. Free list: reuse pages

English source address Since our B-tree is immutable, each update to the kv store will create new nodes on the path instead of updating the current nodes, making some nodes inaccessible from the latest version. We need to reuse these from the old version Inaccessible nodes, otherwise, the database file will grow infinitely. Design Free […]

Understanding of ArrayList expansion method

Directory foreword ArrayList source code understanding 1. ArrayList construction method 1.1 ArrayList no-argument construction method: initialize the internal array to an empty array. 1.2 ArrayList has parameter construction method 1: initialize according to the specified capacity 1.3 Parameter construction 2: public ArrayList(Collection c): Initialize according to the incoming Collection 2. ArrayList expansion 2.1, add () […]

Build Tomcat HTTP service under Windows and publish remote access from external network

Article directory foreword 1. Local Tomcat web page construction 1.1 Tomcat installation 1.2 Configure environment variables 1.3 Environment configuration 1.4 Tomcat running test 1.5 Cpolar installation and registration 2. Local web publishing 2.1. Cpolar cloud settings 2.2 Cpolar local settings 3. Public network access test 4. Conclusion Reproduced from the article of cpolar intranet penetration: […]

Linux service uses the Pagoda panel to build a website and publish public network access – intranet penetration

Article directory foreword 1. Environment installation 2. Install cpolar intranet penetration 3. Intranet penetration 4. Fixed http address 5. Configure the second-level subdomain 6. Create a test page Reprinted from the article of remote intranet penetration: Linux uses the pagoda panel to build a website, and intranet penetration to achieve public network access Foreword As […]

Echarts dynamically changes the displayed data and charts by adding a drop-down list through Jquery

Foreword In the project, sometimes we have some requirements, such as drawing a pie chart with Echarts, and setting a drop-down list. When I click an option, the data in the pie chart will change, and the chart style There will also be changes. We can achieve this function with Jquery. Preparation First, download the […]

It has been developed for 5 years, and the elements in the List will not be deleted cyclically. Is it so difficult?

Click on the “Java base” above, select “Set as star” Be a positive person, not a positive waste person! Update articles every day at 14:00, lose a million bits of hair every day… Source code boutique column Original | Java 2021 Super God Road, very liver~ An open source project with detailed annotations in Chinese […]