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[Android] Screen lag, optimized list fluency, pull down to refresh, pull up to load more components, RefreshLayout modification

I have also written about similar components before: Address: Pull down to refresh & pull up to load more components SmartRefreshLayout I originally planned to replace it with this one, but after careful research I found it was not suitable. The functions are very good, but they cannot be embedded in the current engineering system. […]

Refactor Android asynchronous code using promises

Author: Wushan Old Demon Background Writing Android asynchronous tasks in business has always been a challenge. The previous callback and thread management methods were complex and cumbersome, making the code difficult to maintain and read. JavaScript actually faces the same problem in the front-end field, and Promise is one of its more mainstream solutions. Before […]

Compiled version problem androidx.appcompat:appcompat-resources reference error

According to the content of the error message, it can be seen that this error is caused by the androidx.appcompat:appcompat-resources version in your project’s dependent library being incompatible with your compileSdkVersion. The error message shows that the minimum compilation version (minCompileSdk) specified in the AAR metadata file of the dependent library androidx.appcompat:appcompat-resources is 33, and […]

Chapter 16 Reflections and Annotations

Through the Java reflection mechanism, you can access the description of the Java object that has been loaded into the JVM in the program, and realize the function of accessing, detecting and modifying the information describing the Java object itself. The Java reflection mechanism is very powerful, and support for this function is provided in […]

BGP route reflector experiment example

1. Understanding route reflectors: To ensure connectivity between IBGP peers, a full connection relationship needs to be established between IBGP peers. Assuming that there are n devices within an AS, the number of IBGP connections established is n(n-1)/2. When there are a large number of devices, the device configuration will be very complicated, and the […]

Database integrity – entity integrity, referential integrity, attribute constraint naming clauses, domains

Article directory Database integrity 1. Entity integrity 1. Define entity integrity 2. Entity integrity check and breach handling 2. Referential integrity 1. Define referential integrity 2. Reference integrity check and default conditions 3. Constraints on attributes 1. Definition of constraints on attributes 2. Inspection of constraints on attributes and handling of breaches 4. Integrity constraint […]

MySQL: Grammar Quick Reference [Continuously updated…]

1. Define basic tables 1. Commonly used integrity constraints Primary code constraints primary key foreign key constraints foreign key uniqueness constraint unique non-nullity constraint not null value constraints check 2. Example questions [Example 1] Create a “student” table Student, which consists of five attributes: student number Sno, name Sname, gender Ssex, age Sage, and department […]

Let’s talk about toRef, toRefs, and their differences

toRef: Create a new Ref variable and convert a field of the Reactive object into a Ref variable toRefs: Create a new object, each of its fields is the Ref variable of each field of the Reactive object Tell me about toRef First define a reactive object interface Member {<!– –> id: number name: string […]

How AJAX uses get requests to submit data to the server and achieve partial data refresh——AJAX

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> </head> <body> <script type=”text/javascript”> window.onload = function () { document.getElementById(“btn”).onclick = function () { var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest(); ajax.onreadystatechange = function () { if(ajax.readyState === 4) { if(ajax.status === 200) { document.getElementById(“mySpan”).innerHTML = ajax.responseText; } else { alert(ajax.status); } } } //Open channel var username = […]

HarmonyOS application development-preferences and background notification management

Preferences Today, as the mobile Internet is booming, mobile applications have brought great convenience to our lives. The essence of these conveniences lies in the interconnection of data. Therefore, data storage plays a very important role in application development, and HarmonyOS application development is no exception. This chapter takes the preferences of HarmonyOS as an […]