Flink consumes kafka and reports akka.pattern.AskTimeoutException: Ask timed out on [Actor[akka.tcp://flink@xxx]]after x

Article directory background: Phenomena and Analysis solution Summarize: expand refer to Background: Recently, the company where the author works is researching and using flink, because the company only has the author as a big data developer. The author is fortunate to lead this research, but we are also newbies, and we will share some pitfalls […]

Analysis of Linux network IO model (five) reactor model analysis and implementation method

reactor model analysis and implementation method Network Model for Highly Concurrent Network Programming Reactor Reactor Introduction and Composition Advantages of reactors Analysis of the implementation part of reactor Reactor related definitions Reactor part module introduction reactor initialization (multiplexer initialization) Event Registration (Registration of Handlers) Iterations of processing, event turn calls (dispatchers & triggers) Test Results […]

Thread-safe Actor on mobile

Introduction to Actor in Kotlin Kotlin actors are a high-level tool in the Kotlin programming language for building concurrent and distributed applications. It provides a concurrency model based on the Actor model, which makes it easier to implement complex concurrency scenarios. Actor model is a concurrent programming model, in which each component in the system […]

Algorithmic Trading: Finding the Alpha Factor

Financial Feature Engineering: How to research Alpha Factors This article describes algorithmic trading strategies in finance, where signals indicate when to buy or sell assets to generate superior returns relative to a benchmark, such as an index. The portion of an asset’s return that is not explained by the benchmark is known as alpha, so […]

Webserver 02 semi-synchronous semi-reactor thread pool

Directory Thread Pool: Why use a thread pool? How to create a thread pool? semi-synchronous/semi-reactor Five IO models Blocking and non-blocking IO The difference between non-blocking IO and asynchronous IO Synchronous IO and asynchronous IO Difference between event processing mode Reactor and Proactor mode Synchronous IO simulation proactor mode Is the more threads in multithreading […]

[Design Pattern] Factory Design Pattern (Factory Method Pattern)

Factory method pattern A new requirement For complete requirements, please see: Simple Factory Pattern New requirements for the pizza project: When ordering pizza, customers can order different flavors of pizza, such as: Beijing cheese pizza, Beijing pepper pizza or London cheese pizza, London pepper pizza. Thought 1 Use the simple factory pattern to create different […]

(3) createPeerConnectionFactory

1. First open createPeerConnectionFactory and call it only once public void createPeerConnectionFactory(PeerConnectionFactory. Options options) { if (factory != null) { throw new IllegalStateException(“PeerConnectionFactory has already been constructed”); }//If PeerConnectionFactory is not created, execute the following statement to create executor.execute(() -> createPeerConnectionFactoryInternal(options)); } //implement the specific content of createPeerConnectionFactory private void createPeerConnectionFactoryInternal(PeerConnectionFactory. Options options) { isError […]

maven reactor

“Maven Combat” study notes In a multi-module Maven project, a reactor (Reactor) refers to a build structure composed of all modules. For a single-module project, the reactor is the module itself, but for a multi-module project, the reactor includes the inheritance and dependency relationship between modules, so that it can automatically calculate a reasonable The […]

[Go microservice development] gin+grpc+etcd refactoring grpc-todolist project

Write in front Recently refactored the previously written grpc-todolist module slightly Project address: https://github.com/CocaineCong/grpc-todoList 1. Project structure changes There is a big difference from the previous catalog 1.1 grpc_todolist project overall 1.1.1 Before the change grpc-todolist/ ├── api-gatway // gateway module ├── task // task module └── user // user module The project structure of […]