Synchronized implementation and lock upgrade

1. How does the JVM process and identify Synchronized? We analyze the implementation of synchronized from the bytecode perspective: Synchronized (lock object) {}Synchronized code blockThe underlying implementation is the monitorenter and monitorexit instructions. When modifying ordinary synchronization methods, the underlying implementation is: The execution instruction will check whether the method is set ACC_SYNCHRONIZED. If it […]

rsync backup tool (with rsync+inotify real-time synchronization deployment example)

rsync 1. Overview of rsync 1.1 About rsync 1.2 Features of rsync 1.3 Working principle 2. rsync related commands 2.1 Basic format and common options 2.2 Start and shut down the rsync service 2.3 Basic format of downlink synchronization 2.4 Basic format of upstream synchronization 2.4 No interaction 2.4.1 Specify password file 2.4.2rsync-daemon method 2.4.3 […]

New understanding of multi-threading, asynchronous programming, concurrent reading and writing

Hello everyone, I am the Great Sage, long time no see. In our last discussion, we took an in-depth look at the three core concepts of concurrency, parallelism, and high concurrency, which all play a key role in our modern computing environments, allowing the system to serve a large number of requests more efficiently. In […]

Stop using Future, CompletableFuture asynchronous multi-threading is really elegant!

The path to growth as a programmer Internet/Programmer/Technology/Data Sharing focus on This article should take approximately 13 minutes to read. From: Backend Metaverse An example reviewing Future In some business scenarios, we need to use multi-threads to execute tasks asynchronously to speed up task execution. JDK5 adds a new Future interface, which is used to […]

rsync remote synchronization + inotify monitoring

Table of Contents 1. Introduction to rsync: 2. Principle of rsync copying: 3. rsync synchronization method: 4. Basic format: 1. Commonly used options: 2. Two methods of synchronization: 3. Interaction-free format configuration: 5. Configure rsync source server: 1. Preparation: 2. Write configuration file: 3. Create a data password file for the backup account: 4. Add […]

[Java Project Recommendation: Dark Horse Headlines] Asynchronous uploading and delisting of self-media articles (implemented using Kafka middleware)

The function of uploading and delisting self-media articles is completed Requirements analysis Process description Interface definition Description Interface path /api/v1/news/down_or_up Request method POST Parameters DTO Response Result ResponseResult DTO @Data public class WmNewsDto {<!– –> private Integer id; /** * Whether to put on the shelves 0 off the shelves 1 on the shelves */ […]

FreeRTOS semaphore and task synchronization-1 binary semaphore

Semaphore is a messaging mechanism used by the operating system to implement resource management and task synchronization. FreeRTOS semaphores are divided into binary semaphores, counting semaphores, mutual exclusion semaphores and recursive mutual exclusion semaphores. A mutually exclusive semaphore can be regarded as a special binary semaphore, but there are some differences between mutually exclusive semaphores […]

[Practical Tool] Google Chrome Plug-in Development Guide

The Google Chrome plug-in development guide covers the following aspects: 1. Development environment preparation: First, you need to install the Chrome browser and developer tools. Enter the Chrome App Store and search for the two plug-ins “Extensions Reloader” and “Manifest Viewer” to install. These two plug-ins can facilitate development and debugging. 2. Create plug-ins: There […]

uCOSIII real-time operating system 2 Synchronization and communication

Table of Contents Synchronization concept: Mutually exclusive concepts: Critical section concept: Task time concept: Semaphore concept: Mutually exclusive semaphore concept: Event flag group concept: Message mailbox and message echelon concepts: Memory management concepts: How to switch from bare metal development to OS programming: Polling system: Front and backend systems: Multitasking system: Synchronization concept: Tasks are […]