How to introduce video.js into Vue, and how to monitor related events and prohibit drag and drop

How to introduce video.js into Vue and how to monitor related events I have recently considered building a video playback website, so I will be more exposed to video.js. I previously considered using Vue-video-player to implement related functions, but found that the current technology no longer supports Flash player. Having no choice but to use […]

Flink CDC-SQL Server CDC configuration and DataStream API implementation code… can monitor and collect multiple tables of a database

Article directory SQL Server CDC configuration Step 1: Enable the CDC function of the specified database Step 2: Create a database role Step 3: Create file groups & files Step 4: Enable the CDC function of the specified table SQLServer CDC DataStream API implementation 1. Define SqlServerSource 2. Data processing 3. Sink to MySQL refer […]

Rsync remote synchronization & inotify monitoring

Introduction to Rsync rsync (Remote Sync) is an open source fast backup tool that can mirror and synchronize the entire directory tree between different hosts, support incremental backup, and maintain links and permissions. In a remote synchronization task,the client responsible for initiating rsync synchronization operations is called the initiator, and the server responsible for responding […]

[Comprehensive explanation of Linux commands] 113. Use of network interface and system device monitoring tools ifstat and iostat

Article directory ifstat Statistics network interface traffic status iostat Monitor system input and output device and CPU usage Learn `python` from scratch ifstat Statistics on network interface traffic status Additional instructions: The ifstat command is a tool for statistics of network interface activity just like iostat/vmstat describes other system conditions. The ifstat tool system is […]

SkyWalking9.5.0 installation and SpringBoot performance link monitoring

Article directory 1. Download and install 1.1. Install Elasticsearch storage 1.2. Install SkyWalking server 2. Monitor microservices 2.1. Monitor Spring Boot microservices 2.1. Monitor Spring Cloud Gateway Skywalking is an application performance monitoring tool for distributed systems. It is designed for microservices, cloud native architecture and container-based (Docker, K8S, Mesos) architecture. It is an excellent […]

[Business Function 109] Microservice-springcloud-springboot-Skywalking-Link Tracking-Monitoring

Skywalking skywalking is an apm system that includes monitoring, tracking, and a distributed system with fault diagnosis capabilities 1. Introduction to Skywalking 1.What is SkyWalking Skywalking is a product open sourced by domestic open source enthusiast Wu Sheng and submitted to the Apache incubator. It also absorbs the design ideas of Zipkin/Pinpoint/CAT. Features are: supports […]

Understand these four indicator types of Prometheus, can anyone become a veteran monitoring driver?

Metrics are used to measure trends in performance, consumption, efficiency, and many other software attributes over time. They allow engineers to monitor the evolution of a range of measurements (such as CPU or memory usage, request duration, latency, etc.) through alerts and dashboards. Metrics have a long history in the field of IT monitoring and […]

Digital image processing experiment–drowsiness monitoring

Reference materials Real-time drowsiness detection system based on OpenCV Head posture detection theory 1. Experiment introduction Fatigue manifests itself in roughly three types in human facial expressions: yawning (opening the mouth wide and maintaining this state for a relatively long time), blinking (or slightly closing the eyes, at which time the number of blinks increases […]

Environmental monitoring and control system based on 51 microcontroller – proteus simulation – source program

1. System solution This design uses a 52 microcontroller as the main controller, LCD 1602 display, PM2.5 detection, light intensity detection, button setting alarm, sound and light alarm, and WIFI transmission. 2. Hardware design The schematic diagram is as follows: 3. Microcontroller software design 1. First, system initialization Esp8266_init(); Lcd1602_Display_Init(); Lcd1602_Display_String(0,0,”Pm:000 Li:000 “); Lcd1602_Display_String(1,0,” “); […]