Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached

Optimizing the classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on the cuckoo algorithm – code attached Article directory Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached 1. Overview of PNN network 2. Related background of transformer fault diagnosis system 2.1 Model establishment 3. PNN network based on […]

[RK3568][Android12.0]— The system comes with preset third-party APK method

Platform: RK3568 OS: Android 12.0 Kernel: 4.19 Rockchip provides a mechanism to preset third-party APKs by default. The method is very simple: 1. Create the preinstall directory in device/rockchip/rk3568 (if you want it to be uninstallable, create the preinstall_del directory) 2. Put the APK you want to pre-install into this directory preinstall cannot be uninstalled […]

12. Strings and regular expressions

Use regular expressions Related knowledge about regular expressions When writing programs or web pages that process strings, you often need to find strings that conform to some complex rules. Regular expressions are tools used to describe these rules. In other words, regular expressions are a tool. Defines the matching pattern of a string (how to […]

Decompress zip, tar, rar, 7z, extract pictures in tif, pdf

1. Decompression interface public interface Decompress { //curFilePreDir, if the compressed package in the compressed package has the same name as the outer folder or file, problems will occur. Adding the directory prefix of the upper layer can avoid it. public<MulpartFile> decompress(File file, String curFilePredir); } 2. The decompression class implements the Decompress interface public […]

HP203B air pressure temperature sensor driver

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the code. The device tree code is as follows. It should be noted that the I2C device address described in the device is 7 bits, not 8 bits. Otherwise, the I2C subsystem will prompt that the device cannot be found when initializing. i2c3: i2c@50008c00 { compatible = “xxx-i2c3”; […]

mysq, comprehensive query of database

Record the comprehensive query of the database and review it to deepen your impression Creating a teaching database contains four basic tables: Teacher status table Teacher (Tno teacher number, TName teacher name, TDept teacher’s department); Basic course table Course (Cno course number, Cname course name, cpno prerequisite course number, Tno teacher number); Student status table […]

GJO-LSTM-Adaboost optimizes Adaboost classification prediction of long short-term memory neural network LSTM based on the golden jackal algorithm

?About the author: A Matlab simulation developer who loves scientific research. He cultivates his mind and improves his technology simultaneously. For code acquisition, paper reproduction and scientific research simulation cooperation, please send a private message. Personal homepage: Matlab Research Studio Personal credo: Investigate things to gain knowledge. For more complete Matlab code and simulation customization […]

Linear regression predicts Boston housing prices & the reason for loss is NAN & draws a scatter plot to find the relationship between features and labels

Boston house price csv file Link: Extraction code: vufb Code %matplotlib inline import random import torch import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import pandas as pd import torch Get the data set from CSV # Load data, the first line is a useless line, skip it directly boston = pd.read_csv(‘../data/boston_house_prices.csv’,skiprows=[0]) # There […]

2023 7th Blue Hat Cup Preliminary Round wp

Password for evidence collection material container: Hpp^V@FQ6bdWYKMjX=gUPG#hHxw!j@M9 Case Introduction In May 2021, the public security organs detected an investment and financial management fraud case. The victim Chen Haomin reported the case to the public security organs, saying that he met a netizen with the nickname yang88 on WeChat and was induced by him to use […]

A comprehensive summary of new string manipulation methods in JS+ES6, a total of forty-seven methods

Let me introduce to you how to operate strings. Most of what you know and don’t know is here! The classification may be a little wrong, please forgive me! Added 1.concat() Splicing strings can concatenate two or more strings let str = “hello” let str1 = “str” console.log(“hello”.concat(str1)) //hello str console.log(str.concat(str1)) //hello str 2.padStart(total length, […]