Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached

Optimizing the classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on the cuckoo algorithm – code attached Article directory Classification prediction of probabilistic neural network PNN based on cuckoo algorithm optimization – code attached 1. Overview of PNN network 2. Related background of transformer fault diagnosis system 2.1 Model establishment 3. PNN network based on […]

Linux performance optimization using Tuned configuration optimization solution

Write in front Organizing notes related to exams The blog post covers a simple understanding of Linux tuned tuning tools A brief description of tuning configuration files and an introduction to custom tuning solutions If you don’t understand enough, please help me correct it. There is only one true responsibility for everyone: to find themselves. […]

Thoughts on MySQL optimization two [Performance analysis tools, optimization principles]

In actual work, we inevitably need to analyze and optimize SQL predictions. Today we will take a look at the relevant content: SQL performance analysis SQL optimization principles 1 SQL performance analysis Performance analysis of SQL mainly includes: View slow SQL View through profile details explain execution plan 1.1 View slow SQL SQL execution frequency […]

CS231n-Lecture Note02-Optimization

Recall: In the last lecture, we learned about image classifiers, nerest neighbor and K-NN. And use cross-validation to tune hyperparameters. With the lack of nerest neighbor and K-NN, we have implemented Linear Classifier which will reduce the expense of calculation. To calculate the class’s score, we implemented a score function. The loss function is used […]

Android performance optimization – startup optimization improved by 60%

Application startup speed The startup speed of an application can affect the user’s first experience. An application with a slow startup speed (perceptually) may cause the user to decrease the intention to open the app again, or uninstall and abandon the application. This article will optimize the application startup speed from two directions: 1. Visual […]

[MySQL Advanced] SQL Optimization

5. SQL optimization 5.1 Insert data in bulk Environment preparation: CREATE TABLE `tb_user_2` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `username` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `password` varchar(96) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(45) NOT NULL, `birthday` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `sex` char(1) DEFAULT NULL, `email` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL, `phone` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL, `qq` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL, `status` varchar(32) NOT NULL […]

Storage structure and query performance optimization of ClickHouse primary key index

Table of Contents Storage structure and query performance optimization of ClickHouse primary key index 1. Storage structure of primary key index 2. Query performance optimization methods 2.1. Use primary key index table 2.2. Column storage and data compression 2.3. Merge engine (MergeTree) 2.4. Data copy in conclusion Sample code: Use ClickHouse for e-commerce sales data […]

Android Performance Optimization Series App Startup Optimization

The slow startup speed of applications is a problem we often encounter during the development process, such as black screen and white screen problems caused by slow startup. This blog will introduce the relevant knowledge of App startup optimization. How to launch the app Generally speaking, there are two starting methods: cold start and hot […]

A front-end performance optimization – performance score from 56 to 96

Big factory technology advanced front-end Node advanced Click above for Programmer Growth Guide and follow the official account Reply 1, join the advanced Node communication group Author:NewName I recently read an article on front-end performance optimization. I had never done any performance optimization before, so I just studied it. If you want to optimize […]

Lab8: Locks | Lock optimization implementation

Lab: locks Memory allocator (moderate) Your job is to implement per-CPU freelists, and stealing when a CPU’s free list is empty. You must give all of your locks names that start with “kmem”. That is, you should call initlock for each of your locks, and pass a name that starts with “kmem”. Run kalloctest to […]