Mysql storage time, corresponding to Api and corresponding java properties

1. Mysql storage time type Commonly used types of time/date storage: DATE: Only used to store date values (year, month, day) in the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. TIME: Only used to store time values (hours, minutes, seconds) in the format ‘HH:MM:SS’. DATETIME: used to store date and time values at the same time, the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD […]

Deploy network storage using iSCSI service

Use iSCSI service to deploy network storage The hard disk is one of the important components of computer hardware, and the read/write speed of the hard disk storage device will also affect the overall performance of the server. The hard disk storage structure, RAID disk array technology, and LVM technology explained in Chapter 6 and […]

k8s cluster external etcd cluster storage data

1. Preface The k8s cluster can store data in the form of an external etcd cluster, or can choose to use etcd containerization to build a cluster to store data, because I used a containerized etcd cluster in the construction of a k8s high-availability cluster. Now let’s talk about using an external etcd Cluster way […]

k8s configures persistent storage through nfs-provisioner

1. Introduction to nfs-client-provisioner There is no built-in Provisioner for NFS storage in Kubernetes clusters. But you can configure an external Provisioner for NFS in the cluster. Nfs-client-provisioner is an open source NFS external Provisioner that uses NFS Server to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes clusters and supports dynamic purchase of PV. However, nfs-client-provisioner itself […]

WebApi+sqlsugar+ storage mode

WebApi + sqlsugar + storage mode learning records 1. Create a template 2. Fill in the project name save location 3. Checking OpenAPI will automatically configure swagger 4. Create storage, service folder, Model layer, add class library 5. Install the sqlsugar package 6. Paste the code 7. Effect example Preface: Because of the uni-app applet […]

To do storage business, I parsed the source code of a project

Recently, I am doing storage-related business, more specifically, storage-related research and development, so I checked the relevant information on the Internet, and after careful consideration, I decided to start researching from the simplest Json data exchange format. JSON is a data exchange format independent of programming languages. Almost all languages related to network development have […]

Data Structure – C++-Based Compressed Matrix Implementation: Efficient Storage and Operation

introduction: In computer science, data structures are key to solving practical problems. When we deal with large-scale matrix data, we often face the challenges of storage space and computational efficiency. In order to solve these problems, compression matrix came into being. This article presents a C++-based implementation of compressed matrices designed for efficient storage and […]

Flink on Kubernetes Computing and Storage Separation Practice

Cloud native has become one of the major trends in the industry. Migrating Flink from Yarn to the Kubernetes platform brings many advantages. Under this architecture, computing and storage are decoupled, and the computing part runs on Kubernetes, while the storage uses distributed storage systems such as HDFS. The advantage of such an architecture is […]