In-depth exploration of geospatial query: how to elegantly implement accurate geographic data storage and retrieval techniques in MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis

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Principles of computer composition: storage of data in memory (brief analysis)

Table of Contents In-depth analysis of data storage in memory 1. Introduction to data types 1.1 Basic classification of types: Plastic surgery family: Floating point family: Construction type: Pointer type: 2. Storage of shaping in memory 2.1 Original code, inverse code, complement code 2.2 Introduction to big and small endian 2.3 Code practice 3. Storage […]

Method and implementation of monitoring system for mass storage system based on GlusterFS

Table of contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Research background and significance 1 1.2 Introduction to GlusterFS 1 1.3 Principles and characteristics of GlusterFS 2 1.4 Objective 2 of this topic 2 Mass storage service 3 2.1 Overall architecture of mass storage service 3 2.2 Deployment environment 4 2.3 Integration of monitoring system and storage system […]

An article about data storage, data analysis, and CTF practical cases for memory forensics

The memoryization of network attacks and the concealment of cyber crimes make some key digital evidence only exist in physical memory or temporarily stored in page swap files, which makes traditional file system-based computer forensics unable to effectively deal with it. Memory forensics plays an irreplaceable role in network emergency response and cyber crime investigation […]

DataX-web imports business data in mysql into HDFS for storage and maps it to Hive tables

Problem description The following is the problem I encountered: showing part of the error message through screenshots Cause analysis: By viewing the log information of log management in DataX-web, the following information is obtained: 2023-10-05 13:19:50.025 [job-0] WARN DBUtil – test connection of [jdbc:mysql://node:3306/nshop] failed, for Code:[DBUtilErrorCode-10], Description: [Failed to connect to the database. Please […]

The concepts, properties and storage structure of trees and binary trees

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In-depth analysis of data storage in memory

1. Detailed introduction of data types 1. Introduction to data types The basic built-in types of C language: char Character data type short Short int int long long long long Longer integer type float Single precision floating point td> double Double precision Floating point type Type meaning: 1. Use this type to open up the […]

From 0 to 1, teach you step by step how to write the “Message Queue” project (Java implementation) – core class memory storage

Article directory 1. Memory storage Switch storage structure queue storage structure Binding relationship storage structure All message information storage structure The message information storage structure corresponding to the queue Message storage structure that was taken but not responded to 2. Write code 1. Memory storage Let’s first design how to store data in memory. In […]

[C Language] Storage and reading of floating point numbers in memory – underlying analysis

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