chatgpt empowers python: Python’s SEF optimization: best practices for improving website rankings

SEF Optimization for Python: Best Practices for Improving Website Ranking In today’s digital age, everyone wants to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) as it increases their brand awareness and traffic, and SEF (Search Engine Optimization) for Python has become the talk of many. Python is a popular programming language used by professional […]

JavaWeb Classic_04_jQuery

JavaWeb Classic_04_jQuery Today’s tasks 1. jQuery The attribute operation 2. jQuery practise 3. jQuery CSS style manipulation 4. jQuery animation operation 5. jQuery event action Class Notes Today’s lesson content: Attribute manipulation of 1, jQuery jQuery Attribute manipulation html() It can set and get the content in the opening and closing tags. and dom Attributes […]

JavaWeb Classic_03_jQuery

JavaWeb Classic_03_jQuery Today’s tasks 1. jQuery Hello world 2. jQuery Selector 3. jQuery filter 4. jQuery Element screening Class Notes 1, jQuery Introduction What is jQuery? jQuery, as the name suggests, is JavaScript and query (Query), which is a js class library that assists JavaScript development. jQuery The core idea! ! ! Its core idea […]

Appium automation (7): identification and operation of mobile phone H5 web page elements

H5 pages H5 webpage refers to the fifth generation of HTML, and also refers to all digital products made in H5 language. HTML5 is designed to support multimedia on mobile devices. At present, many websites are self-adaptive, and different web page effects are presented through different terminals. Appium supports UI automation for web pages on […]

[WEB reverse] Algorithm research on a certain sound

Directory Process Analysis remote call fastapi implements the interface Process Analysis The first step in reverse encryption parameters, analysis process. Point to the source code and breakpoint through the stack information. The apply method can hijack the method of another object and inherit the properties of another object. The apply method receives two parameters obj: […]

After the Dataway integrated swagger interface is updated, it cannot be updated on the swagger web side

Use version hasor-spring: 4.2.5 hasor-dataway: 4.2.5 springboot 2.5.0 swagger:springfox-boot-starter 3.0.0 Description of the problem After Dataway configures swagger, the interface document will always display the content published by the Dataway interface for the first time. After modification and re-release, it cannot be updated to the latest record. Issue Tracking The interaction between Dataway and swagger […]

Explain the webpack configuration and css processing of webpack in simple terms

Entrance The entry is to specify which module (js file) webpack uses as the start of building its internal dependency graph. After entering the entry, webpack will find out which modules and libraries are directly or indirectly dependent on the entry file Create webpack.config.js module.exports = {<!– –> //entry file entry: ‘./src.main.js’ } Export The […]

Communication (2): WebSocket real-time monitoring log

refer to : Java monitors local logs and realizes real-time viewing Develop Paper HTML5 – Detailed explanation of Web Socket usage (with samples) SpringBoot uses WebSocket_springboot websocket_Looking at the Milky Way Blog-CSDN Blog java maven dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-websocket</artifactId> </dependency> FileMonitor import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j; @Slf4j public class FileMonitor { /** * Binding websocket */ private String […]