Using g++ and Makefile to compile C language programs based on Linux (Ubuntu) system

Using g++ and Makefile to compile C language programs based on Linux (Ubuntu) system Preface 1. Install Ubuntu Introduction to Ubuntu Ubuntu installation steps After installation, enter the system 2. Compile using g++ Install g++ Write a program and compile and run it The difference between g++ and gcc Experimental case Experimental requirements experiment one […]

[HiSilicon SS626 | Development Environment] The entire process of compiling the entire SDK and summary of problems

Directory I. Overview 2. Install cross-compilation tools ?2.1 Install aarch64-mix410-linux.tgz ?2.2 Install cc-riscv32-cfg11-musl-20220523-elf.tar.gz ?2.3 Check the tool chain version. Printing the version means the installation is successful. 3. Install the software package ?3.1 Install software package ?3.2 Install dependent libraries of mtd-utils ?3.3 Install pip and kconfiglib ?3.4 Other configurations 4. Unzip the SDK and […]

The whole process of printing and compiling C++ (214)

Introduction: CSDN blog expert, focusing on Android/Linux System, share multi-mic voice solutions, audio and video, codec and other technologies, and grow with everyone! Quality Column:Audio Engineer Advanced Series[Original information is being updated continuously… ] Life motto: There are never shortcuts in life, only actions It is the only cure for fear and laziness. For more […]

Download and compile DCMTK (Win11+VS2019+DCMTK3.6.7)

Table of Contents 1. Download 2. CMake build 1. Parameter configuration 2. Group settings 3. Project generation 4. Problem solving 3. VS project compilation 4. Problems encountered during the process 1. CMake error report 2. VS compilation error 1. Download Software Development based on DCMTK – dicom.offis.de Here select 3.6.7 for compilation You need to […]

Compile the C++ version jsoncpp/opencv/onnxruntime on ubuntu18.04 and how to configure CMakelist to use them~

The background of this article is the author’s notes on compiling C++ code on ubuntu, relying on some packages, and then needing to compile and configure it to CMakelist. The main reason is that I don’t understand CMakellist very well. I made a note to prevent forgetting. It also provides readers with a one-stop reference. […]

Linux compiler-gcc/g++ use

Article directory Preface 1. gcc/g++ compiler 1. gcc/g++ installation 2. Introduction to gcc 3. The difference between gcc and g++ 3.1 gcc can not only compile .c source files 3.2 gcc and g++ compiled files 3.3 gcc does not define the __cplusplus macro, but g++ does 3.5 Demo 4. gcc/g++ compilation process 2. Dynamic libraries […]

Apk decompilation and repackaging process

1. Decompile code 1. To decompile java code, you first need to download dex2jar, the download address: The latest version is 2.0, download and unzip it. 2. Rename the apk file to be decompiled to zip format and decompress it. Pay attention to the classes.dex file, which stores all the java code. Change classes. […]

Issues related to Linux compilation and QNX compilation

1. What is the difference between a program compiled on Linux and compiled on QNX? There may be some differences in compiling the same program on Linux and QNX, mainly depending on two factors: differences in operating systems and differences in target architecture. Here are some possible differences: 1. Operating system differences: Linux is a […]