Use STM32CubeMX to configure FSMC module to drive LCD screen (based on punctual atomic process)

Foreword In the process of learning STM32, I just learned the LCD screen. I use STM32F103ZET6, and the screen is punctual and atomic. But I encountered a lot of problems when lighting up the LCD screen in my own new project. After solving it, share it here, hoping to help friends who encounter this confusion. […]

C++ configures the ini file to modify the parameters in the program without recompiling the program every time

Change program parameters without recompiling the program Use ini file In the ini file, it can be configured in the following format: [x_pose] value=0.5 [y_pose] value=0.5 [z_pose] value=1 Among them, `[x_pose]`, `[y_pose]`, `[z_pose]` are the name of the configuration item section, and `value` is the value of the configuration item. In the cpp file, you […]

How to configure TLS encrypted transmission in RocketMQ 5.0?

The author of this article: Li Wei, everyone in the community is Xiaowei, Apache RocketMQ Committer, RocketMQ Python client project owner, Apache Doris Contributor, Tencent Cloud RocketMQ development engineer. 01 Transmission architecture diagram Namesrv: 5.1.0 Broker: 5.1.0 Dashboard: 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT ? 02 Prepare CA certificates and keys for Namesrv, Broker, and Client The directory for all […]

How to configure the CPU and GPU versions of the tensorflow library on Linux Ubuntu

This article introduces the configuration that can be run by CPU or GPU in Ubuntu of the Linux operating system. Methods of Python new version of deep learning library tensorflow. In the article Anaconda configures the new version of the Python tensorflow library (CPU, GPU common) method ( and the configuration method of the new […]

Configure ESP-IDF development environment under WSL2

Configure ESP-IDF development environment under WSL2 This article mainly introduces the construction of wsl2 & amp;esp-idf environment, and how to use the serial port under wsl2 1. WSL2 1. Installation Admin runs powershell Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux optional feature ? dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all Enable the “Virtual Machine Platform” optional component ? […]

Springboot + spring security, configure multiple data sources: verify different user tables

1. Introduction As mentioned in the previous article, after configuring the source of jdbc and mybatis and logging in, the following error occurred! The latter solution is: block one of the sources, log in successfully, and analyze the reason. But, what if you need to configure multiple data sources? Because this kind of demand still […]

k8s configures persistent storage through nfs-provisioner

1. Introduction to nfs-client-provisioner There is no built-in Provisioner for NFS storage in Kubernetes clusters. But you can configure an external Provisioner for NFS in the cluster. Nfs-client-provisioner is an open source NFS external Provisioner that uses NFS Server to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes clusters and supports dynamic purchase of PV. However, nfs-client-provisioner itself […]

The eighth and ninth questions of blue [configure the container and make it start automatically]

1. Topic requirements Question eight Configure the container and enable it to start automatically. The registry is located at, the registry user is rhel8, and the password is redhat321; Using the rsyslog image in the registry, create a container named journal-server; Configure it to run as a system service, and only face the user […]

Jetson AGX ORIN configured to run vins-fusion-gpu (Zed/D435)

1. Configure Jetpack By configuring jetpack, you can complete the configuration of basic environments such as cuda, cudann, and TensorRT Official website tutorial Getting Started with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit sudo apt upgrade sudo apt update sudo apt dist-upgrade #! ! ! don’t update hardware sudo reboot sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack The sentence […]

One article teaches you how to configure Python handy

The popularity of Python has gradually increased in recent years, and Python is also listed as a general education course in many colleges and universities. The reason why it is so popular is its efficiency, simplicity, ease of use, and powerful third-party libraries. Nowadays, it is widely used in web development, artificial intelligence, big data, […]