How to install Kubernetes in Centos7

1. Overview Kubernetes ([kub?’netis]), referred to as K8s, is an abbreviation formed by replacing the 8 characters “ubernete” in the middle of the name with 8. It is a new distributed container cluster management system open sourced by Google. Second, preparation IP Role Memory master 4G node 2G node 2G Note: The […]

Install Anaconda under Linux-Centos7, conda installs virtual environment, cuda, cudnn

Reference article: 0 Reference URL Pull down to the bottom, copy the link to download Anaconda official website: Anaconda Tsinghua mirror source: & amp;O=D x86_64 means compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Right-click to copy the link, and use wget to download in linux. 1. Download 1Install and download instructions yum […]

The loss of linux-centos7 network card ens33 leads to network problems

Problem: There is a problem with centos7 booting and it cannot connect to the network. It was normal before. Executing ifconfig shows that there is no ens33 network card, but the same other virtual machines are in a normal state: [root@hadoop108 ~]# ifconfig lo: flags=73<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING> mtu 65536 inet netmask inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 […]

centos7 install Docker

Install Docker I installed Centos7 in a virtual machine, linux 3.10 kernel, docker official says at least 3.8 or above, and recommends 3.10 or above (linux kernel 3.8 or above is required under ubuntu, the RHEL/Centos kernel has been patched, and the centos6.5 version is fine-this is fine try) 1, log in with the root […]

CentOS7 virtual machine LIUNX installation

1. Software preparation In this article, CentOS7 is installed on the VMware Workstation virtual machine software, so please install the software yourself before installation. Baidu network disk CentOS download address: link: Extraction code: 1234 –Sharing from Baidu Netdisk super member V1 2. Installation 1. Open VMware Workstation and choose to create a new virtual […]

Centos deployment KBengine

Centos deployment KBengine Install Mysql5.7 It is recommended to only use version 5.7, other versions are not recommended. add warehouse sudo rpm -ivh confirm sudo yum repolist all | grep mysql | grep enabled Install sudo yum -y install mysql-community-server if this The GPG keys listed for the “MySQL 5.7 Community Server” repository are […]

Use centos to build kafka server Docker

Use centos to build kafka server Docker overall description Preparation Specific steps 1. Install java environment 1.1. Download java package 1.2. Unzip the java package 1.3. Configure environment variables 1.4. Update configuration 2. kafka file 2.1. Download kafka file 2.2. Upload kafka and decompress it 3. Start zookeeper 3.1. Start zookeeper 3.2. View startup status […]

Solve Ubuntu error E: Unable to locate package yum [yum is the installation command of Centos, it is not recommended to install in Ubuntu, use apt-get in Ubuntu]

For mirror download, domain name resolution, and time synchronization, please click Alibaba Cloud Open Source Mirror Site Straight to the point, Ubuntu’s package management tool is apt-get, so there is no need to install yum. If you want to install other packages, you need to use the apt-get command. # Here take the locate command […]

Install mysql5.7 under CentOS7

** 1. Install YUM Repo ** 1. Since there is no mysql in the yum source of CentOS, you need to download the yum repo configuration file from the official website of mysql. Download command: wget 2. Then install the repo: rpm -ivh mysql57-community-release-el7-9.noarch.rpm After the execution is completed, two repo files mysql-community.repo mysql-community-source.repo […]