[Transfer] Dragging of MFC borderless windows

Dragging borderless windows in MFC void CXXXXDialog::OnLButtonDown(UINT nFlags, CPoint point) { PostMessage(WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, HTCAPTION, MAKELPARAM(point.x, point.y)); } Remember to add message mapping, otherwise this code will not work. change: Moving a standard window is achieved by clicking the window title bar with the mouse, but for a window without a title bar, you need to use […]

Use python to modify the creation time of all files under the specified folder under the windows system

Use python to modify the creation time of all files under the specified folder under Windows system I don’t know if other friends have this need. Anyway, our family has this need. Requirement 1. There are currently a large number of files that need to change the file generation time. Due to unannounceable reasons, the […]

VC++ creates windows service program

Table of Contents 1. About Windows standard executable programs and service programs 2. Service related organization 2.1 VC++ authoring services 2.2 Service registration 2.3 Service uninstallation 2.4 Start the service 2.5 Shut down service 2.6 sc command 2.7 View services 3. Standard procedures 3.1 Run standard programs in background mode 3.2 Search process 3.3 Terminate […]

Windows Powershell sorting and grouping pipeline results example

Windows Powershell sorting and grouping pipeline results example Pipeline results can be grouped using Sort-Object and Group-Object. In fact, the results after executing each command have been sorted. For example, if you view the file list through ls, it will be sorted according to the Name attribute by default, but you can specify Properties to […]

Basic use of NVM (nvm-windows)

What is NVM nvm (node.js version management) is a nodejs version management tool.? Note: The official nvm does not support windows, so windows need to install nvm-windows (hereinafter referred to as nvm) nvm-window download address: Releases · coreybutler/nvm-windows · GitHub The 8 downloaded files refer to: nvm-noinstall.zip: Green installation-free version, but configuration is required before […]

Introduction to OpenCV: Windows – Image Watching: Viewing Memory Images in the Visual Studio Debugger OpenCV v4.8.0

Previous tutorial: How to build an application using OpenCV in “Microsoft Visual Studio” Next tutorial: Getting started with Java development Original author Wolf Kienzle Compatibility OpenCV >= 3.0 Warning This tutorial may contain outdated information. Image Watch is a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio that allows you to visualize images in memory (such as cv::Mat […]

[Xiaomuxue front-end] Build WordPress under Windows (nginx1.25, PHP8.2, WordPress6.3, MySQL5.7)

Article directory 1 Introduction 1.1 Nginx 1.2 PHP 1.3 WordPress 1.4 MySQL 2. Download 2.1 Nginx 2.2 PHP 2.3 WordPress 2.4 MySQL 3. Build environment 3.1 Nginx 3.2 PHP 3.3 WordPress 3.4 MySQL 4. Configure WordPress 4.1 Select language 4.2 Configure database 4.3 Login interface 4.4 General settings 4.5 Writing operations Conclusion 1. Introduction WordPress […]

Large model deployment notes (3) Tongyi Qianwen + Windows GPU

1. Introduction Organization: Ali Code repository: GitHub – QwenLM/Qwen: The official repo of Qwen (通义千文) chat & pretrained large language model proposed by Alibaba Cloud. Model: Qwen/Qwen-7B-Chat-Int4 Download: http://huggingface.co/Qwen/Qwen-7B-Chat-Int4 modelscope download: https://modelscope.cn/models/qwen/Qwen-7B-Chat-Int4/summary Hardware environment: Shadow Elf 7Plus Windows version: Windows 11 Home Chinese Edition Insider Preview 22H2 Memory 32G GPU graphics card: Nvidia GTX 3080 […]

Use mmdetection+mmdeploy to train a custom data set in the windows environment and convert it to onnx format for deployment

Directory lab environment Install conda Create a virtual environment Install pytorch Install MMEngine and MMCV using MIM Install MMDetection Prepare a custom data set Modify configuration information Start training Model transformation and inference Experimental environment windows10 python: 3.8 pytorch:1.8.1 cuda:11.1 mmdet:3.1.0 mmcv:2.0.1 onnxruntime-gpu: 1.9.0 Install conda conda download address: https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/anaconda/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Windows-x86_64.exe Create a virtual environment conda […]