Windows Docker installation

Windows Docker installation Docker is not a general purpose container tool, it relies on an existing and running Linux kernel environment. Docker essentially creates an isolated file environment under the already running Linux, so it performs almost as efficiently as the deployed Linux host. Therefore, Docker must be deployed on a system with a Linux […]

Vue el-dialog realizes infinite nesting of pop-up windows (click on the pop-up window to pop up a new pop-up window, you can always click on it)

Usage scenario: It is required to click on the data to display the pop-up window, click on the data in the pop-up window to display a new pop-up window, and the pop-up window inside can continue to click on the new pop-up window, and the pop-up window can be nested unlimitedly Why not use el-dialog’s […]

Windows | Add the KDE Connect device to the file right-click menu Send to, and quickly send files to the device

Article directory 1. Introduction 2. Relevant basis 1. kdeconnect-cli command 2. Send to option in the right-click menu of the file 3. Hide the command line window when running with vbs 3. Write VBS scripts 4. Hide format extension and modify icon 1. Introduction KDE Connect is a cross-platform interconnection open source tool for Linux, […]

Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment

Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment Article directory Windows10 AUTOMATIC1111 / stable-diffusion-webui local deployment foreword 1. Preliminary preparation 1. Python 2. git 3.stable-diffusion-webui repository 4. Model 5. Required documents 2. Deployment steps 1. Install Python 2. Install git 3.stable-diffusion-webui repository 4. Modify the webui-user.bat file 5. Place the model and related files 6. Run webui-user.bat […]

Jupyter Notebook’s python3 (ipykernel) fails to start and reports “No module named ‘psutil._psutil_windows'”

Record an error when starting a Jupyter Notebook Environment Win10 default installed environment py3.9 32bit, jupyter book is installed in the virtual environment py3.9 (64bit) established by conda Question 1 Jupyter notebook starts the kernel and always shows that reconnecting finally failed An error is reported every time it starts: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘psutil._psutil_windows’ […]

(NVIDIA graphics card available under Windows) ChatGLM-6B installation document (comparable to GPT-3.5), save one!

Directory I. Introduction 2. Download (It is recommended to run the python program directly to download, the latest and most stable) 3. Deployment 3.1 Configuration environment 3.2 Start the demo program 3.2.1 Start 3.2.2 Start 3.2.3 Start 4. [Latest] ChatGLM-6B-int4 version tutorial 4.1 download 4.2 Configuration environment, NVIDIA graphics cards are available […]

Use Pandoc to configure simple Markdown preview function for vim under Windows

Table of Contents Some basic knowledge about Pandoc specific implementation method Design improvements and strains cmd checks if Edge is running Combining the above design final effect I usually use vim to write Markdown, hoping to preview it conveniently. My idea is this: Press [F5] on the keyboard to open the html of the Markdown […]

Windows privilege escalation-SQL Server/MSSQL database privilege escalation

Windows privilege escalation-SQL Server/MSSQL database privilege escalation 1 Introduction 2. Environment preparation 2.1. Introduction to SQL Server 2.2. SQL Server installation 2.2.1. Main program installation steps Double-click SQL EXPR Instance configuration Server configuration Database Engine Installation complete 2.2.2. Hypervisor Installation Installing plugins Installation Installation completed 2.2.3. Hypervisor […]