[Nacos] Nacos Server main classes and interfaces (5)

InstanceController: Processor, which handles requests such as heartbeat and registration of service instances. core/Service: A microservice defined by a microservice name on the Nacos client side appears as a Service instance on the Nacos server side. Similar to ServiceInfo, ServiceInfo serves the client, and Service serves the server. RecordListener: The Service class implements the RecordListener […]

Maintain the table structure of postgresql-15 to neo4j-5.8.1 based on python3.11

Question background The interdependence of database tables is complicated, and I don’t know how to track the reconstruction Some businesses need to be completed through the graph database, and the technology is implemented through the database table Familiarize yourself with the postgresql database Experience the new features of some toolkits of higher versions of python […]

Linux: DNS domain name resolution

1. Function and type of DNS system 1. The function of DNS system 1. Forward analysis Find the corresponding IP address according to the domain name (resolve the domain name into an IP address to facilitate user access) 2. Reverse analysis Find the corresponding domain name according to the IP address, a distributed database that […]

DNS domain name resolution service

Directory 1. DNS system 1. The meaning of DNS 2. The protocol and port number used by DNS 3. The role of the DNS system 4. DNS system type 5. The method of DNS query 6. The process of DNS resolution 2. Basics of BIND domain name service 1. Forward analysis 2. Reverse analysis 1. […]

No more trouble for back-end classmates to deal with cross-domain issues

No more trouble for back-end students to deal with cross-domain issues What is cross-domain Whenever we open the console after requesting backend identification, if No Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requesting resource appears, then this article may help you. Cross-domain means that in a web page, when a web page tries to access resources […]

Simple understanding of Linux configuration DNS domain name resolution service

Article directory DNS-Domain Name System DNS domain name structure DNS domain name resolution method DNS server type Linux configuration DNS server Experiment 2: Configure reverse parsing Experiment 3: Build a master-slave DNS server (for backup) DNS-Domain Name System DNS definition: DNS is the abbreviation of “Domain Name System”. It serves as a distributed database that […]

?Database principle and application on computer (experiment 6, definition and maintenance of views)

?Author: Light of Destiny ?Column: Database Principle and Application Experiment ? Directory 1. The purpose and requirements of the experiment ?2. Experimental content ?3. Experimental results ?Four. Experiment summary Preface: A simple collation of database principles and application computer experiment reports will be continuously improved in the later stage ?1. Experimental purpose and requirements 1. […]

How to write the main method test elegantly? Can’t be too low!

Click above to follow “Terminal R&D Department“ Set it as a “star” to master more database knowledge with you Source: https://juejin.cn/post/6844903936869007368 Previous: Interviewer: What is the difference between int(1) and int(10)? Hi everyone, I am Brother Yu from the Terminal R&D Department. JMH – Java microbenchmarking tool accurate-builder-equipment-1573821.jpg Foreword “If you cannot measure it, you […]