Appium automation (7): identification and operation of mobile phone H5 web page elements

H5 pages H5 webpage refers to the fifth generation of HTML, and also refers to all digital products made in H5 language. HTML5 is designed to support multimedia on mobile devices. At present, many websites are self-adaptive, and different web page effects are presented through different terminals. Appium supports UI automation for web pages on […]

Building a website on an idle mobile phone – Android Termux+Hexo to build your own blog website [cpolar realizes public network access]

Article directory 1. Install Hexo 2. Install cpolar intranet penetration 3. Public network remote access 4. Fixed public network address Hexo is a fast, clean and efficient blogging framework written in Nodejs. Hexo uses Markdown to parse articles, and in a few seconds, it can generate static web pages with beautiful themes. The following describes […]

VUE calls threejs to load the model and display it, application and mobile terminal (HBuilder)

After a long and ignorant exploration, the code for vue to load obj and mtl finally ran out, so record it; Effect: code: <template> <view class=”content”> <view id=”threeView”> \t\t\t <!– #ifdef APP-PLUS || H5 –> <view class=”threeView” id=”threeView”> \t\t\t\t \t\t\t <view class=”button”> <view type=”text” @click=”click” > Global View</view> </view> \t\t\t\t </view> <!– #endif –> <!– […]

Mobile Robot | Mars Prospecting Robot

01. Demand analysis The “Mars prospecting robot” aims to develop several autonomous robots and send them to Mars to search for and collect mineral resources on Mars. The Martian environment is unknown to developers and autonomous robots in advance, but it is conceivable that the surface of Mars will have a variety of terrain conditions, […]

Vue2 mobile terminal implements a draggable floating ball component

The demo diagram is as follows: The overall floating ball component code is as follows: <!– draggable ball package –> <template> <div class=”backHome” ref=”floatButton” @click=”goCreatePage” :style=”{ width: itemWidth + ‘px’, height: itemHeight + ‘px’, left: left + ‘px’, top: top + ‘px’, }” > <img src=”” alt=”” /> </div> </template> <script> export default { name: […]

Thread-safe Actor on mobile

Introduction to Actor in Kotlin Kotlin actors are a high-level tool in the Kotlin programming language for building concurrent and distributed applications. It provides a concurrency model based on the Actor model, which makes it easier to implement complex concurrency scenarios. Actor model is a concurrent programming model, in which each component in the system […]

Peoteus software simulation implementation of mobile phone password lock based on 51 single-chip microcomputer

Knowledge points involved in this project hardware Matrix keyboard principle Digital tube dynamic display timer interrupt software Key event response Password lock status switching Summarize Hardware Matrix keyboard principle very basic Dynamic display of digital tube is also very basic. The main problem encountered at the beginning was the afterglow problem of the LED (because […]