[Linux inter-process communication] 05. Zombie process

【Linux Interprocess Communication】 Project code acquisition:https://gitee.com/chenshao777/linux-processes.git (Please order a free Star, your Star is my motivation for writing!) 05. Zombie process Zombie process: means that after the process terminates, resources are not recovered, and the status is Z + How to create a zombie process, it is very simple, Create a child process through the […]

Linux interprocess communication – shared memory

Author: Lingmo Blog homepage: Lingmo’s blog Column: Linux system programming, file knowledge and understanding, Linux process learning… If you think the blogger wrote well, I hope everyone will keep repeating (?Follow,?Like,?Comment), please support me a lot! ! Table of Contents Shared memory principle shared memory function Shared memory related instructions Shared memory code display Shared […]

[Multithreading] Communication between Java threads

Article directory background 1. Lock and synchronization 2. Waiting/Notification Mechanism Three, semaphore – Volatile Application scenarios of semaphores 4. Pipeline input/output stream Application Scenarios of Pipeline Communication 5. Thread.join() method 6. ThreadLocal class Application scenarios of ThreadLocal Summarize Background Reasonable use of Java multithreading can make better use of server resources. Generally speaking, a thread […]

Thread creation, interruption and communication

This article has been included in Github: github.com/JavaLiuTong…. For more dry goods articles, pay attention to the official account: Classmate Liu who can’t speak Three ways to create threads Inherit Thread We want to simply start a thread in the code. The most familiar way is to inherit Thread. This class is a thread class […]

A complete collection of Dubbo network communication protocols from shallow to deep

Table of Contents 1 Network communication protocol 1.1 dubbo protocol 1.2 rmi agreement 1.3 hessian protocol 1.4 http protocol 1.5 webservice protocol 1.6 thrift protocol 1.7 rest protocol 1.8 grpc protocol 1.9 memcached protocol 1.10 redis protocol 2 Serialization implementation analysis 1 Network communication protocol In the previous content, we explained the relevant content of […]

Golang Engineering Components: High-performance RPC framework gRPC’s TLS and two-way TLS to ensure communication security

gRPC is a high-performance, general-purpose RPC framework open sourced by Google that supports multiple programming languages. Compared with the traditional RESTful API method, it can perform service calls and data transmission faster, and supports multiple codec protocols and load balancing algorithms. In gRPC, we can ensure communication security by setting TLS and mutual TLS. TLS […]

Communication (2): WebSocket real-time monitoring log

refer to : Java monitors local logs and realizes real-time viewing Develop Paper HTML5 – Detailed explanation of Web Socket usage (with samples) SpringBoot uses WebSocket_springboot websocket_Looking at the Milky Way Blog-CSDN Blog java maven dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-websocket</artifactId> </dependency> FileMonitor import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j; @Slf4j public class FileMonitor { /** * Binding websocket */ private String […]

STM32f407 serial communication

Physical layer: stipulates the characteristics of mechanical and electronic functional parts in the communication system, and ensures the transmission of original data in physical media. In fact, it is the hardware part. Protocol layer: The protocol layer mainly stipulates the communication logic, and unifies the data packaging and unpacking standards of the sending and receiving […]

In-depth component communication of Vue3-props–custom events-mitt use-v-model principle in vue3-useAttrs–ref and $parent–provide and inject–pina–slot

The last time I wrote an in-depth article on component communication, it was about vue2. I recently browsed station b and saw a new video released by Shang Silicon Valley. I found that there are some differences in usage and writing of component communication between vue3 and vue2, so record it. The following are all […]

LCM (Lightweight Communications and Marshalling)

1. LCM (Lightweight Communications and Marshalling) is a set of libraries and tools for message passing and data marshalling, The goal is real-time systems with high bandwidth and low latency. Provides a publish/subscribe messaging model and automatic marshalling/unmarshalling code generation with application bindings in various programming languages such as C++, Java, python, etc., and communicates […]