stm32 configures the serial port interrupt and sets the communication protocol to control the Hall DC motor

Configure cubemx generation project Add serial port interrupt code and communication protocol Attention issues first step Configure download interface Configure crystal oscillator interface Open usart1, configure it for asynchronous communication, set the basic parameters to default, and check the interrupt option below. Then configure the clock according to the development board you have, you can […]

Brief description of rpc protocol and http protocol

http protocol HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is an application layer protocol used to transfer hypertext between computers. It is the most commonly used protocol in web applications for transferring data between clients and servers. HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Tutorial From the definition, http can be seen as transmitting hypertext files. The scope here is very […]

Raspberry Pi driver IIC protocol lcd1602

Table of Contents introduce principle LCD1602 information Information sent to the iic module Experimental steps Connect write the code run other Quick hexadecimal conversion question Introduction When I was writing the Raspberry Pi driver IIC protocol LCD1602, the code on the Internet was just like copy and paste. It was very uniform and without comments. […]

2023.9.8 Write network communication programs based on transport layer protocols UDP and TCP

Table of Contents UDP Write network communication program based on UDP server code client code TCP Write network communication program based on TCP server code client code IDEA opens to support multi-client mode UDP Features: Connectivityless: The sender and receiver can communicate with each other without establishing a connection, and each UDP packet is independent, […]

ESP8266 and MQTT protocol

Working mode: STA modeOthers create WIFInetwork, ESP8266Join the network AP mode Generate WIFI network STA + AP Physical layer: 1.VCC power supply (3.3V~5V) 2 GND power ground 3 TXD (TTL level, cannot be directly connected to RS232 level!), can be connected to the RXD of the microcontroller 4 RXD (TTL level, cannot be directly connected […]

Stress test script to implement MQTT protocol service based on Locust

1. Background introduction A brief introduction to the business background is that in accordance with national standards, vehicles need to upload some specified data to ZF’s designated platform. At the same time, the vehicle will also transmit the data to the enterprise cloud service, so some performance requirements arise. At present, we are simply conducting […]

In-depth analysis of HTTP protocol and its role in various stages

Author: Zen and the Art of Computer Programming 1. Introduction HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is a TCP/IP-based communication protocol used in the Internet. HTTP is an application layer protocol. Due to its simplicity, flexibility, ease of use, and speed, more and more websites are beginning to use it as […]

Nested stream type data in grpc’s proto message body

Document resources have been uploaded: Download documents grpc time management system AsyncNext of grpc: Get the request/response in the complete queue Learn grpc programming in one article, the most detailed and comprehensive nanny-level teaching on the entire network c++ implements gRPC The stream type is a data type that appears very frequently in grpc actual […]

STM32C8T6 SPI communication protocol W25Q64

Introduction to SPI: ? SPI ( Serial Peripheral Interface )By Motorola A universal data bus developed by the company ? Four communication lines: SCK ( Serial Clock ), MOSI ( Master Output Slave Input ), MISO ( Master Input Slave Output ), SS ( Slave Select ) ? Synchronous, full duplex ? Supports mounting multiple […]

Red Team Tunnel Application Chapter ICMP Protocol Transmission (8)

Introduction ICMP protocol ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), which stands for Internet Control Message Protocol, is a subprotocol of the TCP/IP protocol and is used to transmit control messages between IP hosts and routers. Control messages refer to messages about the network itself, such as network connectivity, whether the host is reachable, and whether routes […]