[Transfer] [C#] C# garbage collection mechanism

Abstract: Today we will talk about the garbage collection mechanism in C#. This article will start with the principles of the garbage collection mechanism. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. GC’s past and present lives Although this article targets .NET to describe GC, the concept of GC is not new. As early as […]

Lesson 3 Hash table, collection, mapping

Article directory Lesson 3 Hash table, collection, mapping lc1.Sum of two numbers–simple Question description Code display lc30. Concatenate substrings of all words–difficult Question description Code display lc49. Letter ectopic grouping–medium Question description Code display lc874. Simulated walking robot–medium Question description Code display lc146.LRU cache–medium Question description Related supplements Explanation of ideas Code display Graphical understanding […]

Double column collection Map and its subclasses

Double-column collection Map and its subclasses Map collection HashMap collection LinkedHashMap collection TreeMap collection Map collection Map set is the ancestor class of all double-column sets. The so-called double-column set means that an element in the set is composed of two parts, namely key and value, also called key-value pair. The elements in the Map […]

National bank logo pictures online address collection

“Agricultural Bank of China”:” http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/5fa3bc56e9334d9097242419b8372f02.png”, “China Construction Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/e46debed41d740ae9a515dced0c8c78c.png “, “China Bank of Communications”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/d6a5aa9c88e64495b8508e6745e21578.png “, “China Merchants Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/ee7e4cfd057e431eb7a6726975f0c9ad.png “, “China Minsheng Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/b4d7baa681594f28bcc378ab6aa6adde.png “, “China Everbright Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/e1520ff61f7a477dbfcaea618355cfe7.png “, “CITIC Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/5795a8b57d1a4081a9883c39fed45238.png “, “Hua Xia Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/256943825fce435980f948622f1ba0c7.png “, “Ping An Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/ee1f900fef1549c9a56a97d6f9308b7a.png “, “Industrial Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/92e48ebce8904413b11260201721755a.png “, “Bank of Shanghai”:” http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/2465ae7d759a49739d5f5e9ba5fa42a2.png”, “Pudong Development Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/24ad274beacc4488b839fb941692e63d.png “, “Guangfa Bank”:”http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/1a1ad4f0882d4da091a3d5185aa56914.png “, “Bohai Bank”:” http://qiniutest.zhiyuzhuli.com/bf0d38398c1649a9937aa0e3c0fdfcec.png”, “Bank […]

A complete collection of Linux instructions (file and directory operations, file content viewing and editing, system information and management, network and communication, compression and decompression, permission management, package management…)

Table of Contents Preface VMware 16.2.4 + Ubuntu18.04 Install WSL on Windows 11 A complete collection of Linux commands 1. File and directory operation instructions cd: change the current directory ls: list directory contents mkdir: Create a new directory rm: Delete a file or directory cp: copy files or directories mv: move files or directories […]

Python data containers – collections and dictionaries

1. Slicing of data container (sequence) 1. The meaning of sequence A type of data container with continuous and ordered content that supports subscript indexing 2. Classification of sequences List, tuple, string 3. Characteristics of sequences In addition to subscript indexing, ordering, repeatability, and support for while loops, the biggest feature is that it supports […]

Intranet security – information collection – intra-domain resource detection

Determine whether a domain environment exists net config workstation View the information of the current workstation, including the current computer name, user name, system version, workstation, logged-in domain and other information. 1. Collect basic information in the domain 1. Query domain net view /domain 2. Query all computers in this domain net view /domain:XXX (domain […]

Intranet security – information collection – intranet resource detection – scanning intranet surviving hosts

Introduction During the penetration test, you can upload tools to detect host survival based on the situation of the target host, or you can use intranet proxy or routing forwarding to initiate detection of the LAN where the target host is located. Testers can choose ICMP, NetBIOS, UDP, ARP, SNMP, SMB and other network protocols […]