C# Socket TCP 2 heartbeat protocol + anti-stain packet + proactively disconnect from the server

In the previous code, a C# .net TcpClient implemented the full-duplex communication protocol_tcpclient protocol_Green Lemon 676’s Blog-CSDN Blog We have implemented the heartbeat of TCP and introduced the full-duplex communication protocol. Today we will take you to understand what TCP packet immersion is and how TCP prevents packet immersion. So let’s make a long story […]

How to use fiddler to capture mobile phone packets and filters!

1. The difference between Fiddler and other packet capture tools 1. Although Firebug can capture packets, it is not powerful enough to analyze the detailed information of http requests. The function of simulating HTTP requests is not enough, and Firebug often requires “no refresh modification”. If the page is refreshed, all modifications will not be […]

iOS in-app packet capture, NSURLProtocol intercepts network requests within APP

Foreword When developing, you need to obtain data in the SDK. Since you cannot see the code, you can only monitor all network request data and intercept the corresponding return data. This can be achieved through NSURLProtocol, and can also be used to interact with H5. 1. NSURLProtocol intercepts requests 1. Introduction to NSURLProtoco Official […]

Packet capture and analysis of mysql traffic under Linux C/C++ (protocol analysis)

The MySQL communication protocol is a stateful protocol mainly used for communication between MySQL clients and servers. This protocol is implemented in MySQL client connectors (such as Connector/C, Connector/J, etc.), MySQL Proxy, and master-slave replication. Features of the protocol include support for SSL, compression and authentication. The interaction process between the MySQL client and the […]

Packet Tracer – VLAN configuration

Address allocation table Equipment Interface IP address Subnet Mask VLAN PC1 NIC 10 PC2 NIC 20 PC3 NIC 30 PC4 NIC 10 PC5 NIC 20 PC6 NIC 30 Target Part 1: Verify Default VLAN Configuration Part 2: Configuring VLANs Part 3: Assign VLANs […]

Packet Tracer – Configure initial switch settings

Goals Part 1: Verify Default Switch Configuration Part 2: Configure basic switch configuration Part 3: Configure the MOTD banner Part 4: Save Configuration File to NVRAM Part 5: Configure S2 Background/Scene In this exercise, you perform basic switch configuration tasks. You want to protect access to the command line interface (CLI) and console ports using […]