Minecraft Fabric mod development – fast funnel

Go to my homepage to read the full content, and get the source code DearXuan’s homepage MOD Introduction When using the hopper chain to classify or pass items, it is often found that the hopper speed is too slow to collect all the dropped objects. Or there are too many hoppers, which affects performance. The […]

fabric2.4.9 chain code life cycle and deployment

fabric2.4.9 chain code life cycle and deployment The premise is to complete the content of the first two chapters. The content of this chapter is based on the official website. If you have more detailed requirements, please visit the fabric official website. Environment build test network 1. Shut down and restart the network ./network.sh down […]

fabric2.4.9 run test network

fabric2.4.9 running test network The shared content is based on the official website, with some additional content such as self-understanding added. This time, it is mainly to test the network and briefly explain the chaincode operation. For specific chaincode operations and explanations, please refer to the next section. https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/release-2.4/test_network.html The premise of operation is the […]

Hyperledger Fabric uses a testnet

Table of Contents 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget Install the go language Install JDK install docker Install docker-compose 2. Use the test network 2.1 Download fabric source code 2.2 Start the network 2.3 Interacting with the network 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget //ubuntu sudo apt-get install git curl wget Install the go language […]

Simple construction of Fabric network

The construction of the Fabric network is divided into two stages: generating the network topology and starting the network. Here, we assume that we want to build a Fabric network with one orderer node and two peer nodes. Before generating the network topology, the following files need to be prepared: crypto-config.yaml: Used to generate keys […]

Build Hyperledger Fabric2.x.x in ubnutu20.4 environment

Article directory 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 Install required tools install gadget install docker Install docker-compose View docker, docker-compose version install go Two, fabric2.x.x environment construction Create a directory Pull fabric source code Configure go agent Launch test network Start a chaincode on a channel interact with the network shut down the network 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 VMware […]

Hyperledger Fabric 2.x environment construction

1. Description The core of the blockchain network is a distributed ledger, which records all transaction information that occurs in the network. Hyperledger Fabric is an open source, enterprise-grade, permissioned distributed ledger solution platform. Hyperledger Fabric is underpinned by a modular architecture and offers excellent security, scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Hyperledger Fabric is designed to […]