Hyperledger Fabric uses a testnet

Table of Contents 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget Install the go language Install JDK install docker Install docker-compose 2. Use the test network 2.1 Download fabric source code 2.2 Start the network 2.3 Interacting with the network 1. Prerequisites Install git, curl, wget //ubuntu sudo apt-get install git curl wget Install the go language […]

Build Hyperledger Fabric2.x.x in ubnutu20.4 environment

Article directory 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 Install required tools install gadget install docker Install docker-compose View docker, docker-compose version install go Two, fabric2.x.x environment construction Create a directory Pull fabric source code Configure go agent Launch test network Start a chaincode on a channel interact with the network shut down the network 1. Environment: ubnutu20.4 VMware […]

Hyperledger Fabric 2.x environment construction

1. Description The core of the blockchain network is a distributed ledger, which records all transaction information that occurs in the network. Hyperledger Fabric is an open source, enterprise-grade, permissioned distributed ledger solution platform. Hyperledger Fabric is underpinned by a modular architecture and offers excellent security, scalability, flexibility, and extensibility. Hyperledger Fabric is designed to […]

Hyperledger Fabric project builds blockchain explorer Hyperledger-blockchain-explorer

Hyperledger Fabric project builds a blockchain browser 1. Download configuration file Blockchain browser website: https://github.com/hyperledger/blockchain-explorer # Deploy according to the official website # Create a folder in the project directory # org1 deploy block explorer mkdir explorer cd explorer # Download the configuration file wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hyperledger/blockchain-explorer/main/examples/net1/config.json wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hyperledger/blockchain-explorer/main/examples/net1/connection-profile/test-network.json -P connection-profile wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hyperledger/blockchain-explorer/main/docker-compose.yaml # If the […]

Blockchain hyperledger fabric deployment

One build development environment 1.1 Install Git sudo apt-get install git 1.2 install curl sudo apt-get install curl 1.3 Install docker # install and check the version sudo apt-get -y install docker-compose docker –version docker-compose –version # Prompt, as long as you encounter docker-related errors in the future, first perform step 2.3.1 #1. Restart docker […]

Hyperledger Fabric application practice (9)– smart contract writing

1. Fabric chaincode version difference Fabric chain code is divided into two major versions, 1.x and 2.x versions. The main differences between the two are: 1. Different import packages The package imported by 1.x is: “[github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/chaincode/shim](http://github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/chaincode/shim)” pb “[github.com/hyperledger/fabric/protos/peer](http://github.com/hyperledger/fabric/protos/peer)” The package imported by 2.0 is: “[github.com/hyperledger/fabric-contract-api-go/contractapi](http://github.com/hyperledger/fabric-contract-api-go/contractapi)” 2. The method structure is different Fabric 2.0 chaincode does […]

Hyperledger Fabric application combat (8)– smart contract deployment script

1. Chaincode deployment script idea In the previous chapter, we analyzed the network startup script of test-netwok, which includes the chain code deployment part. We sorted out the chain code deployment ideas by analyzing the deployCC of test-netwok, and then wrote the freenet network chain code deployment script. pakeageChaincode(): Pack the chaincode chaincode into a […]

Deployment and call of Hyperledger-fabric_ smart contract

Start the network and create a channel Related knowledge points Test network related folders are in test-network Docker is an open source application container engine, which allows developers, operators and enterprises to package, distribute, deploy and run applications more conveniently. Using Docker, developers can use images to quickly build a standard development environment; after the […]

[Solved] [Solved] Hyperledger Fabric 2.3 Channel creation failed

Introduction, problem description In the process of learning the hyperledger framework fabric blockchain according to the readthedocs tutorial, the step of channel creation has been failing, that is, it cannot be successfully run: ./network.sh up createChannel The error message that appears: Go directly to search for this segmentation fault without any effective solution. The following […]