elasticsearch DSL query document

DSL query classification Query all: Query all data, generally used for testing. For example: match_all Full text search (full text) query: Use a word segmenter to segment user input content, and then match it in the inverted index database. For example: match_query multi_match_query Exact query: Find data based on precise entry values, usually keyword, numerical, […]

[Business Functions Chapter 90] Microservices-springcloud-retrieval service-ElasticSearch practical application-DSL statement

Mall search service 1. Construction of search page We process the product retrieval page in the search service. On the home page, we need to support Thymeleaf in the mall-search service. Add corresponding dependencies <!– Add Thymeleaf dependencies –> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf</artifactId> </dependency> Then we copy the template file to the template directory, and don’t […]

Kotlin type-safe DSL generator

In this blog, we will show how to create a powerful DSL (Domain Specific Language) using Kotlin and the builder pattern. First we will discuss some of the features provided by Kotlin. Afterwards, we will discuss our example. In the final part, we will implement the DSL step by step. 1. What is DSL – […]

ElasticSearch DSL statement (bool query, score control, geographic query, sorting, paging, highlighting, etc.)

Article directory DSL query type DSL query basic syntax 1. Full-text search 2. Accurate query 3. Geo query 4. function score (calculation control) 5. bool query Search result processing 1. Sorting 2. Pagination 3. Highlight RestClient operation DSL query type Query all: Query all data, generally used in testing. march_all, but generally display all, with […]

Spring Data JPA integrates QueryDSL

What is QueryDSL? QueryDSL is a Java library for building type-safe SQL queries. Its main goal is to simplify the process of building and executing SQL queries in Java while providing type safety and a better coding experience. QueryDSL can be used with many relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. QueryDSL provides a […]

Android uses Gradle kotlin dsl elegant configuration to build the project

Table of Contents overview 1. Gradle Kotlin-DSL configuration 1.1 Create a buildSrc directory under the root directory, 1.2. Create a new build.gradle.kts file and add Kotlin dsl related configuration 2. Writing of Gradle Kotlin DSL 2.1 Define the version number information of the project 2.2. Define the library dependencies that need to be used in […]

Elasticsearch Query DSL Language: A Complete Guide to Building Complex Searches and Efficient Retrieval

1. Overview Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine that can handle massive amounts of data with ease. It provides a query language, called Query DSL, for searching data in the index. The syntax of the query DSL is JSON-based, allowing you to build complex queries and aggregation operations. The core of the query DSL language […]

[Elasticsearch] Learn Elasticsearch series – Query DSL

This article has been included in Github, recommended reading Java Random Thoughts Watch it first and then like it, make it a habit. Like and collect, life is brilliant. Article directory query context Relevance score: _score Source data: _source data source filter Full Text Search match: match clauses containing a term match_all: clause that matches […]