8. Data interaction axios

Data interaction axios 1. Introduction to axios 2. Basic syntax of axios 2. 1 axios({}) 2. 2 axios.get(url,{}) 2. 3 axios.post(url,{}) 3. Basic cases 3.1 Local call axios 3. 2 Call axios globally ==4. How to solve cross-domain problems== 4. 1 Method 1 (simple) 4.1 Method 2 (recommended) ==5. Post parameter (request) format== ==6. Interface […]

Interaction between MySQL database and python code

Article directory 1. Prepare data Create database Insert data 2. Review of SQL statements Strengthening of SQL statements Create the “Product Classification” table Synchronize table data 3. Steps to operate MySQL in Python Import module Connection object Cursor object 4. Python’s addition, deletion, modification and query operations on MySQL 5. Parameterization 1. Prepare data The […]

Interaction between WebRTC and IP camera

WebRTC Media Gateways for media interoperability For integrating IP cameras into WebRTC applications, media interaction needs to be implemented first. This means that the media stream provided by the camera needs to be compatible with the WebRTC codec and the format supported by the browser. This also means translating what the IP camera spits out […]

?Unity + LeapMotion gesture recognition + hardware serial port interaction

Interactive test effect 1. Prepare the development environment 1. Download and install LeapMotion SDK (you can download it yourself) 2. The Unity editor I chose is 2018.4.32f1 2. Functional part 1. Determine the serial port number and baud rate to be connected. The program directly enters the code. using KoboldCom; using System; using System.Collections; using […]

EchartsRose pie chart data interaction

In the process of learning the echarts rose pie chart, I learned three methods of data interaction. I would be happy if it is helpful to you. 1. Official website tutorial https://echarts.apache.org/examples/zh/editor.html?c=pie-roseType-simple (The tutorial data is in the code) import * as echarts from ‘echarts’; var chartDom = document.getElementById(‘main’); var myChart = echarts.init(chartDom); var option; […]

Nodejs__code__streamline__Ajax interaction

Introduction: Full name Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) Function 1. Update content without refreshing the page 2. A method of communication between the browser and the server Commonly used parameters: XMLHttpRequest A constructor used to implement asynchronous communication between the browser and the server Example: let xhr=new XMLHttpRequest() readyState Represents the status of XMLHttpRequest 0 […]

Several methods for data interaction between C++ and QML

1. Attribute binding This is the simplest way to bind properties of C++ objects directly in QML. Define properties by using the Q_PROPERTY macro in a C++ object, and then associate the property with a QML element using binding syntax in QML. person.h #include <QObject> class Person : public QObject { Q_OBJECT /* Use Q_PROPERTY […]

[Streaming Media Server] SRS4.0 RTMP to WebRTC ICE interaction analysis

Introduction ICE stands for Interactive Connectivity Establishment: Interactive connectivity establishment method. ICE is implemented according to the recommendations of RFC5245 and is a set of protocols based on the offer/answer mode to solve NAT traversal. It comprehensively utilizes existing STUN, TURN and other protocols to establish sessions in a more efficient way. ICE introduction 1. […]