Unity game development–Behavior tree (Part 2)

1. Behavior tree node code example The node implementation code connecting Part1 is as follows (simple framework) State type enumeration using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public enum E_NodeState {<!– –> Success,//success Failed,//Failed Running//In progress } Node base class namespace BT {<!– –> /// <summary> /// Behavior node base class /// </summary> public abstract class […]

Human behavior detection based on YOLOv5

Table of Contents 1. Project background and project purpose 2. Introduction to YOLOv5 algorithm 3 Implementation of human behavior detection based on YOLOv5 Four functional design 5. Loss function/hyperparameter adjustment/fitting-detailed explanation Six changes in loss Seven model display Eight Summary One Project Background and Project Purpose background: With the rapid development of computer vision technology, […]

Series 42: Spring transaction propagation behavior case demonstration (2) #REQUIRED

1. Demonstrate Spring’s default propagation behavior (REQUIRED) 1.1. Data in the table before running 1.2, StockServiceImplREQUIRED /** * @Author: A leaf of duckweed returns to the sea * @Date: 2023/10/30 15:43 * @Description: Demonstrates the propagation behavior of REQUIRED * There is no external transaction: open a new transaction * External existing transaction: added to […]

20 Behavioral Pattern-Strategic Pattern

1 Overview of Strategy Pattern The original definition of strategy pattern is to define a series of algorithms, encapsulate each algorithm, and make them interchangeable. The Strategy pattern allows an algorithm to vary independently of the client using it. 2 Principles of Strategy Pattern 3 Strategy pattern implementation The essence of the strategy mode is […]

24 Behavioral Pattern-Visitor Pattern

1 Introduction to visitor mode The visitor pattern is rarely used in actual development because it is difficult to implement and applying this pattern may lead to poor readability and maintainability of the code. It is not recommended to use it unless it is particularly necessary. Visitor mode. 2 Principle of visitor mode 3 Visitor […]

SD CSP-J2023 Confusing Behavior Award

1.freopen According to statistics, in SD CSP-J2023 there are about 96 96 96 files were annotated with freopen, approx. 144 144 144 files have missing or misspelled freopen. I hope you don’t make the same mistake again and check freopen. 2.y1 According to statistics, there are a total of 6 6 6 codes used y […]

C++ memory management: Part 3, behavioral splitting of new and delete

New and delete are both keywords of C++ and cannot be overloaded. Its underlying behavior can be viewed as a combination of multiple functions. 1. Implement the new and delete functions yourself #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Student{<!– –> private: int age{<!– –>24}; public: Student(){<!– –> cout<<“start”<<endl; } ~Student(){<!– –> cout<<“end”<<endl; } void f(){<!– […]