JSDoc, an alternative to TypeScript?

Many developers prefer using TypeScript because of its type checking capabilities. However, this requires an additional translation step, which can cause trouble and waste time. This article will show you how to use JSDoc to get the same type of control, while using pure JavaScript for the fastest development times and better documentation! JavaScript has […]

Prometheus connects to AlterManager to configure email alerts (deployed based on K8S environment)

Article directory 1. Configure AlterManager to send alarms to email 2. Prometheus accesses AlterManager configuration 3. Deploy Prometheus + AlterManager (put it in a Pod) 4. Test alarm Note: Please do this experiment based on the article Prometheus + Grafana monitoring K8S cluster (deployment based on K8S environment). 1. Configure AlterManager to send alarms to […]

Several implementation methods of alternate printing between three threads

Foreword Alternate printing of threads actually involves communication between threads. Below, three alternate printing methods for inter-thread communication and one non-inter-thread communication implementation method are introduced. Thread communication method 1. synchronized + wait & amp;notify/notifyAll synchronized is a keyword in Java that is used to implement mutually exclusive access to shared resources. wait and notify/notifyAll […]

Alternatives to Transform in Gradle8.0

1. Routing plug-in design ideas Transform was removed in Gradle 8.0. From the official document “Android Gradle Plug-in API Update”, it can be seen that it does not provide a direct replacement API, but provides several corresponding solutions based on different scenarios. In the previous article “Plug-in Development Based on Gradle 8.0”, based on the […]

01 create, drop, alter in mysql

01 create, drop, alter in mysql 1. Related concepts ~ DB/RDB – relational database DBMS/RDBMS – relational database management system DBA-database administrator DBS-database system SQL / NoSQL – structured query language / not only SQL – KV database – Redis / DynamoDB – Excellent performance – Game development / IoT applications / real-time analysis – […]

Level 1: Hive’s Alter Table operation

Related knowledge In order to complete this task, you need to master: 1.Alter Table command Alter Table command The Alter Table command can modify table names, column names, column comments, table comments, add columns, adjust column order, attribute names and other operations in Hive. 1. Modify the table name ALTER TABLE table_name RENAME TO new_table_name; […]

5 ways to alternately output A1aB2bC3c with 3 threads

Article directory Method 1. for infinite loop Method 2, LockSupport Method 3, BlockingDeque Method 4, CyclicBarrier Method 5, Lock and Condition There are three sets of data: Group 1: ABCDEFGHI Group 2: 123456789 Group 3: abcdefghi How to output A1aB2bC3c… such effect? This article gives 5 implementation methods. You are welcome to actively discuss and […]

C++ std::holds_alternative, std::get, std::variant application examples (219)

Introduction: CSDN blog expert, focusing on Android/Linux System, share multi-mic voice solutions, audio and video, codec and other technologies, and grow with everyone! Quality Column:Audio Engineer Advanced Series[Original information is being updated continuously… ] Life motto: There are never shortcuts in life, only actions It is the only cure for fear and laziness. For more […]

7 ways to alternately output A1B2C3 with multiple threads

Article directory Method 1, infinite loop Method 2, LockSupport Method 3, synchronized Method 4, Lock and Condition Method 5, CyclicBarrier Method 6, TransferQueue Method 7, BlockingDeque 8. Summary There are two sets of data: Group 1: ABCDEFGHI Group 2: 123456789 How can we output A1B2C3D4…? Here are 7 implementation solutions. We welcome everyone to actively […]

js asynchronous controller, realizes the alternate execution of asynchronous and synchronous code

1. Initiating requests, reading files and other operations in js code are all executed asynchronously. If we want to collect the results of multiple asynchronous functions and process them uniformly, what should we do? The first method requires using the async and await keywords to force the asynchronous function into a synchronous state, so that […]