After nginx proxy, get the real IP and do concurrent access restriction (current limiting)

When the site is running, in order to prevent DDoS attacks or data bursts caused by internal interface calls, nginx provides a limit current limiting module: HttpLimitZoneModule limits the number of concurrent accesses at the same time. HttpLimitReqModule limits access to data, up to a few requests per second. 1. Normal configuration: What is a […]

Implementing single-machine current limiting based on Spring Boot + Guava

1. What is current limiting Services can sometimes be under great pressure due to frequent network requests, especially those caused by illegal network attacks. Such situations sometimes require some restrictions. Current limiting can be considered a type of service degradation. Current limiting is to limit the input and output traffic of the system to achieve […]

Use redis current limiting — redisson implementation

springboot integrates redisson Please click here Application scenarios Able to accurately limit current flow for specified interfaces Description Redisson uses the leaky bucket algorithm implemented by redis + lua script to limit current Distributed current limiting and stand-alone current limiting can be carried out Use RRateLimiter for current limiting @GetMapping(“/rateLimit”) public String rateLimit(HttpServletRequest request) { […]

Springboot interface current limit to prevent connection point attacks

Article directory summary Overall architecture process Explanation of technical terms technical details summary Summary Use aop aspect + redis to implement interface current limit, IP limit, and prevent repeated submission Overall architecture process Tips: Use aop aspect + redis to implement interface current limit, IP limit, and prevent repeated submission Interface file package com.bzfar.config; import […]

Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [8] [Spring Cloud microservice Gateway integrates sentinel current limiting]

Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [1] [Nacos One Article Mastery Series] Jump Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [2] [Microservice calling component Feign] Jump Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [3 】[Microservice Nacos-config Configuration Center] Jump Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [Four] [Microservice Sentinel Service Meltdown] Jump Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [5] [Microservice Sentinel integrates openfeign for downgrade] Jump Java’s SpringCloud Alibaba [6] [Alibaba microservice distributed […]

[SpringBoot] Spring’s AOP combined with Redis implements current limiting for SMS interfaces

Article directory Preface 1. Preparation work 2. Current limiting annotation 3. Customize or select redisTemplate 1. Customize RedisTemplate (depending on needs, I use the second option) 2. Use StringRedisTemplate directly 4. Open lua script 5.Annotation analysis 6.Interface testing Foreword Scenario: In order to limit the number of visits to the SMS verification code interface and […]

2. Sentinel basic application & current limiting rules (2)

2.2.1 What is Sentinel is an open-source, lightweight, high-availability flow control component for distributed service architectures developed by the Alibaba middleware team. It mainly uses traffic as the entry point to help users protect services from multiple dimensions such as flow control, circuit breaker degradation, and system load protection. stability. 2.2.2 Basic concepts ? Resources […]