ElementPlus+Vue tree structure displays data

1. Parent-child upper and lower levels HTML: <el-tree v-if=”permission.length > 0″ :data=”permission” :props=”props” :show-checkbox=”true” expand-on-click-node @check=”handleCheck” default-expand-all > default-expand-all: Expand all by default; expand-on-click-node: Click to expand/contract; :show-checkbox=”true”: Show the check box; JS: permission: [], // Data obtained by the backend props: { children: ‘menu’, // The root node contains the fields of all child […]

go-gin-vue3-elementPlus manually upload files with parameters

Article directory 1. Overall code flow 1.1 Some examples of global Axios 1.2 Upload business 2. Backend part 3. Test samples Go’s mvc layer uses the gin framework. Generally speaking, gin’s formFile is not as well encapsulated as springboot’s. There are many pitfalls in obtaining values. Of course, there are also many pitfalls in using […]

9. W5100S/W5500+RP2040 Raspberry Pi Pico<SNTP Get Network Time>

Article directory 1 Introduction 2 Introduction to the protocol 2.1 What is SNTP 2.2 Advantages of SNTP 2.3 SNTP principle 2.4 Application scenarios 3 WIZnet Ethernet chip 4 SNTP network setting example overview and usage 4.1 Flowchart 4.2 Core preparation work 4.3 Connection method 4.4 Main code overview 4.5 Results demonstration 5 things to note […]

[VUE] ElementPlus dynamic theme tone switching (Vue3 + Element Plus + Scss + Pinia)

Foreword For information about the basic theme color customization of ElementPlus, please refer to “[VUE] ElementPlus Custom Theme Style and Namespace” With the above basic understanding, we know that the theme tone of ElementPlus is globally controlled based on the CSS3 variable feature. Then we will also implement the dynamic switching effect of theme color […]


1.Create project 2.Introduce elementplus as needed 3.Introduce less Install vue-router Install axios Install pinia pinia’s persistence configuration (used to put data in localStorage)—additional configuration Automatically import styles on demand plug-in vite-plugin-style-import 1. Create project npm init vite@latest 2.Introduce elementplus as needed npm install element-plus –save //Introduce on demand npm install -D unplugin-vue-components unplugin-auto-import Configure icon […]

Linux deploys NTP time server to achieve internal and external network time synchronization

1. Preface NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a network time protocol. Its function is to synchronize the time of each computer in the network so that they are in the same time environment and ensure that services or software run normally on the computer. In the NTP time synchronization architecture, nodes are divided into servers […]

NTP time synchronization protocol

NTP net working protocol network time synchronization protocol overview Synchronizing clocks between hosts and routers in the Internet Provides sub-millisecond accuracy on LAN and tens of millisecond accuracy on WAN Redundant servers and multiple network paths ensure reliability Engineered algorithms used to reduce jitter, mitigate multiple sources and avoid incorrect server operation How NTP works […]

Regarding the priority issue of ntp time source

Introduction NTP services can theoretically be accurate to nanoseconds, but actual accuracy varies depending on the operating system and device. The NTP daemon can not only adjust the system time of its own computer. Additionally, each daemon can be a client, server, or peer to other NTP daemons: As a client, it queries the reference […]

vue3 framework construction+vite+ts+elementplus+axios+vuex

1. window + R to open the command line and enter npm create vite@latest Follow the steps below to create 2. Enter the project to download dependencies 3. Run the project after the dependencies are installed 4.Introduction of element-plus npm install element-plus –save Introduced in main.js import ElementPlus from ‘element-plus’ import ‘element-plus/dist/index.css’ const app = […]

CentOS7 configure NTP server

Article directory Preface 1. Install and configure ntp 2. ntp.conf configuration file 3. Related error reports Foreword The intranet server performs time synchronization through the NTP server. 1. Install and configure ntp 1. The server is a minimal installation without ntp, but generally ntp comes with it. yum -y install ntp* #Check the ntp version […]