Kernel IO stack | Bounce buffer, bio segmentation, integrity protection and current storage

line17 ※1 Bounce buffer The function of the blk_queue_bounce function is to try to create a bounce buffer. It is usually necessary to create such a special area when the memory area given by bio is at an address that is not reachable by the peripheral device (such as performing DMA on high-end memory) to […]

The principle and implementation of Debounce and Throttle—preventing an event from being triggered frequently

Original text: When handling events such as resize, scroll, mousemove and keydown/keyup/keypress, usually we do not It is expected that these events will be triggered too frequently, especially if the listener involves a lot of calculations or has very resource-intensive operations. How often? Take mousemove as an example. According to the regulations of DOM […]

throttle-debounce Throttle and debounce

Directory 1. Difference 2. Use 3. Realize 3.1,debounce 3.2, throttle 4. Unexpected gains throttle throttling, debounce anti-shake 1, difference Assuming time frequency: 1s throttle is executed every 1s. The high-speed train cannot accommodate people and will leave as soon as it arrives. debounce must wait 1s after being triggered before executing it. If it is […]

STM8 encounters a pit [EEPROM reading debug is not normal and release is normal] [STVP download is successful and the operation is not successful] [Timer debounce inexplicably fails to run through the process] [STVP burning EEPROM writes wrong when booting]

EEPROM read debug is not normal release is normal This is super speechless. After researching for a long time, I suddenly found that it is normal to switch to release. It shows that the writing looks normal and the reading is not normal. This is speechless, and I don’t want to study it anymore. STVP […]

Lichuang Liangshan School – Question F of the 21st Electric Competition – Smart Medicine Delivery Car – Debounce and Realization of Button Detection

Drug delivery car code warehouse: Based on the 21-year electric competition F problem of the Liangshan School of Lichuang Intelligent drug delivery car: Based on the F problem of the 21-year electric competition of the Liangshan School of Lichuang-smart medicine delivery car For a better viewing experience, please go to: Information on Lichuang Open […]

FPGA-based button debounce

Button debounce The usual switch used for the button is a mechanical elastic switch. When the mechanical contact is disconnected and closed, due to the elastic effect of the mechanical contact, a button switch will not be connected immediately and stably when it is closed. It will not be disconnected all at once. Therefore, there […]

FPGA implements key debounce (any bit width)

Article directory 1. Button principle Hardware Schematic 2. Button debounce 2.1 Principle 2.2 Solutions 2.2.1 Design ideas 2.2.2 Timing diagram analysis 2.2.3 Code design 2.2.4 Code Analysis 3. Summary 1. Button principle Hardware Schematic When the button KEY1 is pressed, D3V3 (that is, the power supply) passes through the resistor R (the section of the […]

Simple key monitoring function – key debounce and long press, double click event

Use a simple C language function to realize the monitoring of a single button, and it is scheduled to be used on various chip platforms, such as arduino, C51, stm32, etc., and has no special requirements for hardware. First, clarify the function to be achieved by this function, and how the code that calls it […]

Single-chip computer general knowledge button scanning framework (non-dead and other debounce)

Buttons are one of the important ways for users to input information to the microcontroller. Recently, many students who have just graduated from university are waiting for death when writing button debounce. This method is not practical, and there should be no products that use this low-level effective way. This article discusses this problem and […]