Linux–Data Link Layer–ARP Protocol–0319-21

Directory 1. Understanding Ethernet 1.1 Ethernet frame format 1.2 Simple simulation of LAN communication based on Ethernet frame Question 1: What if multiple hosts are sending data? Question 2: Does the sender know that his data has been affected? 1.3 MTU 1.3.1 The influence of MTU on IP protocol 1.3.2 The influence of MTU on […]

ARP Address Resolution Protocol

What is ARP? ARP【Address Resolution Protocol】, the Address Resolution Protocol, is responsible for resolving the IP address of the destination host into the destination MAC address. After the sender knows the IP address of the destination host, he can use this IP address to resolve the MAC address of the other party. Why do you […]

Opencv geometric space transformation: resize(), transpose(), flip(), warpAffine(), rotate(), warpPerspective()

1. Zoom resize() resize() can reduce or enlarge the image size dst=cv2.resize(src, dsize[, dst[, fx[, fy[, interpolation]]]]) src: source image; dsize: The size of the target image after zooming. If it is set to 0, the target image will be obtained by multiplying the size of the source image by fx and fy; dsize has […]

HTML web design homework – 11 exquisite web pages html+css+javascript+bootstarp

HTML example web page code, this example is suitable for students who are beginners in HTML. In this example, there are css style settings and div style patterns. This example is more comprehensive and helpful for students to learn. This article will introduce how to practice design by designing a personal website from scratch and […]

2. Instructions for use of AUTOSAR-EB tresos Studio — “For a worker to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools”

2. Instructions for use of AUTOSAR-EB tresos Studio – “If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools” Welcome to pay attention to the official account: Kevin’s learning station. The blogger has established a car-level development exchange group. Interested friends can follow the official account and add personal WX: _kevin0123456789, […]

Web page production and implementation html+css+javascript+jquery+bootstarp responsive gourmet website design and implementation

Wonderful column recommendation About the author: A technical blogger who loves to turn logical thinking into code Author’s homepage: [Homepage–? Get more high-quality source code] Web front-end major homework: 【Practice cases of high-quality project projects (1000 sets) 】 Programmer’s interesting confession method: 【HTML Tanabata Valentine’s Day Confession Web Page Production (110 sets) 】 Super cool […]

C# Json data to DataTable and generate PDF online download–iTextSharp generates PDF instance (file download, json data conversion, PDF typesetting in one step)

Foreword This article will focus on the use of iTextSharp and some pitfalls that are easy to step on. By the way, it will introduce the simple, fast and efficient method of converting json to DataTable and the method of online instant download of binary stream conversion files. After testing, it only takes 1 second […]

[Python GUI] DearPyGui build, hello, package

0. DearPyGui believes that the window title does not need to support Chinese dpg.create_viewport(title=’xxx’), Chinese encoding problem – Github issue 1. Disable Microsoft store drainage Click the start menu, enter manage application execution alias to search system settings, scroll the list to the bottom, find python.exe and python3.exe, set it to off This is a […]

Image Enhancement-Principle and Implementation of 7 Sharpening Methods (C++, Python, shader GLSL)

Sharpen sharpening Image sharpening algorithms are a technique used to enhance details and edges in images. These methods can all be used for image sharpening. In short, sharpening is about enhancing the difference on edges (what is an edge, see image edge detection, etc.) to highlight the color brightness value between pixels around the edge. […]

OpenCvSharp function: FitEllipse/FitEllipseAMS/FitEllipseDirect ellipse fitting, MinEnclosingCircle minimum circumscribed circle

FitEllipse ellipse fitting Function description: Calculate and fit an ellipse around a given set of points (number greater than or equal to 5) based on the least-squares sense method. Returns the smallest bounding rectangle of this ellipse (if the given point is on a straight line, the smallest side of the rectangle is 0). Note […]